My Personal Moral Philosophy

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Moral philosophy is the study of moral judgments or value placed on decision about what is right or wrong, good or bad, just or on just.
Business philosophy is the standard, principle or policy placed on who may behave outside the norms of organizational culture, emphasis upon ethical behavior enables employees to know how they should react when faced with ethical dilemmas and the consequences of their actions.

As an individual, I believe that keeping a low profile life is very vital to me in a sense that people around me irrespective of their cultural, ethnical and political background. My (Virtue) friendliness, honesty, courage, good humor as my ethical standard would draw people more close to me and see me as part of their lives. This my ethical standard will enable people feel free to come to me and share with me their challenges and also opinions to push me forward. It will help me understand them better and share with them their challenges, pains, sentiments, joy happiness etc. I live to make impact to people I come across with or those parts of my life.
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Being humble is my hallmark which will cause me to be obedience and law-abiding to develop at every stage in life. Acquiring good values, knowledge and experience comes with a humble heart to obey, learn and adapt to changes.
Discipline and respect for both authority and subordinates is also my personal philosophy. I believe that irrespective of my function or position as a manager, I have to be disciplined and respect my authorities and subordinate to build maturity and cohesion among

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