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  • Ms. Ots Observation

    The children were located in their classroom at approximately 11:05 a.m. on Thursday, November 3, 2016. The children had just got back from lunch and were busy getting back to their routines. The children’s ages ranges from five to six years old. The teacher, Ms. Otts, had arranged tables of 3 children per table. Each table was using play doh as their material. The teacher gives each student one container of play doh and instructs the students to see how many circles they can make out of each container. I observed three students, whose names were Haigen, Emma, and Cohen. The teacher goes over to their table and sits down beside them. Haigen says, “Ms. Otts, I am going to have a lot more than Emma.” Emma replied, “No way, Haigen.” Cohen seemed to be in his own little world. He took his time and made sure his balls were all the same sizes. Ms. Otts gives each student a graphic organizer that has a picture of a bear with many different sizes of circles on them. Ms. Otts gives them instruction to place each ball in a circle. Emma says, “Haigen, can I have one of yours because I made mine too big.” Haigen replies, “Sure, here you go.” Ms. Otts realizes that Cohen has gotten off task. She has Cohen count each number of balls out to her. Haigen pipes in, “Ms. Otts, this is the funnest day ever.” After lining up all their balls on the graphic organizer, each student counts how many they have. Emma said, “I have 6.” Haigen replies, “Look, Ms. Otts, I have the 6 on the bear plus one…

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  • Essay On Military Children

    SHAPE is where Michaela and her family lived at and where the children went to the international school for military children. While Michaela was at SHAPE’s school she learned everything about Belgium’s culture and language. Every Friday morning there would be markets that the people around the area would go to. During the holidays there would be a big holiday market that Michaela’s family would go to. During every holiday everyone would spend time with families and the homeless around the…

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  • Informative Essay On Louis Ted Seith

    due to bad weather. The 26 B-17 bombers in the 483rd Bomb Group were ambushed by more than 200 enemy fighter jets above Memmingen, Germany, but the squadron of bombers kept flying to their target. Although 14 of the 26 B-17 bombers were shot down, the remaining pilots continued towards their target. When the pilots were finished with their bombing run, 53 of the enemy fighter jets had been shot down, and the only flying prototype of the Nazi ME-264 had been destroyed. After the excitement of…

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  • The Invention Of The Atomic Bomb: Are They Justified?

    When the atom bomb was invented by the United States the people believed that it would be a savior to the war that was occurring, but fate would have the bomb be a global phenomenon as the world stood in awe of its catastrophic power. Having such a weapon that would most certainly win the war for your country was an amazing thought, and of course many country’s believed that too, which inevitably led to the cold war. What were to follow was a race to develop these bombs many of the world’s…

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  • Canada And Ireland: A Comparative Analysis

    The government of Canada is a parliamentary democracy. Its governmental system holds to the law of the Supreme Authority or more formally Her Majesty’s Government. It is a constitutional monarchy putting the head of state as Queen or King. The head of government is the Prime Minister that leads three levels of the governing body: the federal government, which is based in Ottowa and focuses on national and international matters such as taxes, mail, banking, etc., the provincial and territorial…

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