Ms. Ots Observation

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The children were located in their classroom at approximately 11:05 a.m. on Thursday, November 3, 2016. The children had just got back from lunch and were busy getting back to their routines. The children’s ages ranges from five to six years old. The teacher, Ms. Otts, had arranged tables of 3 children per table. Each table was using play doh as their material. The teacher gives each student one container of play doh and instructs the students to see how many circles they can make out of each container. I observed three students, whose names were Haigen, Emma, and Cohen. The teacher goes over to their table and sits down beside them. Haigen says, “Ms. Otts, I am going to have a lot more than Emma.” Emma replied, “No way, Haigen.” Cohen seemed …show more content…
Ms. Otts gives each student a graphic organizer that has a picture of a bear with many different sizes of circles on them. Ms. Otts gives them instruction to place each ball in a circle. Emma says, “Haigen, can I have one of yours because I made mine too big.” Haigen replies, “Sure, here you go.” Ms. Otts realizes that Cohen has gotten off task. She has Cohen count each number of balls out to her. Haigen pipes in, “Ms. Otts, this is the funnest day ever.” After lining up all their balls on the graphic organizer, each student counts how many they have. Emma said, “I have 6.” Haigen replies, “Look, Ms. Otts, I have the 6 on the bear plus one more.” Cohen says, “I have 6, too.” Ms. Otts praises the students for working so hard and doing such a good job. She allows the students to make different shapes with the play doh, while she goes to a different table. After a few minutes, Haigen shows the shape of a triangle. “Look, Emma, I made a triangle.” Emma replies, “I made a heart, but it’s following apart.” “Cohen, what are you making?” Cohen replies, “I was making a rectangle, but it was too hard.” Haigen and Emma both stop what they are doing and help Cohen. They successfully help him make a

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