Baseball Narrative

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Gone, 8-7. The day was beautiful, and you knew it was a baseball day. Two teams were going to go out there play their hardest until they had nothing left, especially me. I wanted to show everyone everyday what I was made of and what I had to show for it. Southwest Little League baseball field had such a nice field that it had felt like second home when it came to All Star games. I was so nervous that sweating so much it was like I was a cold glass of water sitting outside on a hot summer day. But, all past was forgotten and new memories are going to be made today, I had told myself. Tonight, get a win. The score was 8-4, our team losing, when I had stepped up to the plate. “You can do it Ryan!,” my mom was yelling as usual because she had a lot of support for me. As I took my sign, I thought of something my coach would tell our team as a like a modo. Put the ball in play and good things will happen man. It’s all I had ever thought about. I took the first pitch from Evan Burrows, as it was a ball low. My body was melting chocolate. Put the ball in play and good things …show more content…
She came up all excited and said,
“Ryan, I knew you could do it I am so proud of you. You worked very hard and eventually, you hit the home run you had been hoping for!”
I replied, “Thanks mom, did you get my home run ball?”
“Yes!,” she started, “Your teacher Ms. G got it for you.”
We won that game because of all the hard work we put into trying to win that game. And even though we were down 5 points at one time, the team and I did not let that bother us so we came back and won. To this day I haven't hit a home run since because of the difficulty for me to do it, but, I always remember, Put the ball in play and good things will happen. It's my motto to this day and I keep my home run ball on my dresser to in fact prove, that I can achieve that goal if I set my mind to

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