Narrative Essay On My First Home Run

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First Home Run

The pitcher steps on to the mound and is ready to pitch, and whoosh in comes a fastball and crack the way I hit the ball sounded like banging a hammer on a piece of metal and as I took off running I watched the ball sail out of the park for my first home run. As I rounded second base I could hear the voices of sister Larissa my mom Leeann and my dad John screaming for me and could feel a lot of excitement from the crowd. In this story I am going to tell you about when I hit my first home run and second home run and how doing such really amazing thing can humble you.. And one more thing I will talk about is the type of bat I was using and where you can buy that type of baseball equipment.
So this was the day me and my parents
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But believe it or not we had another game that night at 9 o'clock so we headed down there to get ready. Finally my first at bat of the game ball came in and CRACK! Once again I sent one out of the park for my second home run in one day I was really excited. And as I scored my brother started yelling really loud for me which made me a little embarrassed for how loud he was but it showed me that he was excited for me. But my dad always told me to stay humble and remember everything he taught me unfortunately I was young and just wanted to hit homers. And I started to swing for the fence and I fell into a slump which means I was not hitting very well. Finally my dad told me just make good contact and the ball will fly he told me to quit swinging for the fence so I did and I started to hit well again but this reminded me that always stick to what works don't change something if it's not broken and for the rest of that tournament I hit well and always remembered that a great event can humble you.
Now i'm gonna talk about what type of bat I was using and believe this or not me and my parents just bought this bat two days before the tournament and came in handy I guess. Well the bat I was using was called a Easton S1 Junior Big Barrel Bat. This bat was made in 2013 and we baught it from Dick´s Sporting Goods. The bats diameter is 2 ⅝ which is very big for a bat. And those are

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