Personal Narrative: Softball

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I have one brother and two sisters. My brothers name is Alec and my sisters names are Hannah and Clarissa. Clarissa is the oldest one, then it's Hannah, Alec, then me. I'm the youngest in the family. Everyone in my family plays a sport, the girls in the family play softball because our mom and aunt played since they were little and carried it onto us. The boys in the family play football because our dad played for a while in middle school and high school. Football has carried into my brother and he turned out to like it. When I was little, my brother, sister, and I were riding my bike home from school. On the way home my brother and i wanted to race home. My brother beat me, but when my sister was riding down the hill to get to the house. My brother and I wait on our sister to get home. Half way down the hill, her front tire flies off and she flips forward …show more content…
I have played since I was a little girl, I know mostly everything about it. It's such a fun and active sport. I am on the same team as most of my friends, or some new people I have never met before. I have played since I was five but still play till this day. Softball if like really important to me, when I play it feels like I am a different person. When I'm up to bat I don't hear a thing, I hit the ball and all I hear is everyone chanting and screaming. The very first time I played softball, it was my very first game, I hit the softball to the fence and I stood there in shock, I didn't know what to do. The coach was screaming "RUN" and I ran the bases, the other team kept over throwing the ball to the bases to get me out. I made it to home plate, it was a home run. Everyone ran out of the dugout chanting and congratulating me. I looked around and there was a smile on everyone's face, I made everyone happy. I play softball till this day because it's something that makes everyone happy. It gives people something to chant about. It's a very fun

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