Narrative Essay On High School Baseball

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What I was looking forward to doing my senior year, was leading my team as a senior to the best we could be. I was working harder than I ever had all winter long leading up to this. I had one goal that I did not see happen any of my four years there, which was getting to the state championship. There were a lot of things that had to go right for this to happen. The team had to be good, they had to work hard every day, they had to win districts, they had to win regional’s, and the most importantly the team had to get along great they have to be a family. My final year of High school baseball had a huge impact on me it helped me get recruited to continue playing the sport in college. First, the Team experienced some things that we had to overcome from injuries to getting two new head coach’s. We played the regular season well winning the one tournament we competed it. Than came the playoffs our team was very confident knowing we played teams we beat earlier in the year. The first game I threw a shut out winning the game 4-0. The second Game had to be split into two days due to rain, we ended up winning this game 5-0 advancing on to the regional …show more content…
Something we have not been able to bring to our school in three years to almost winning our regional’s that we were not even predicted to make it out of our district tournament. All in all it was the best season I had of high school baseball, I became close with all my teammates we went to battle together and we formed a “brotherhood” that to this day is still an amazing one I am still close with everyone on that team. I would do anything to go back and play another season with them. We Tried to achieve something that our school has not done in a long time and that was go to states and we fell just short. This is what my team had managed to do my senior

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