Narrative Essay On High School Basketball

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A nail bitter, teeth clincher, bone shaker. This game was everything you want when you take the family out for an evening of high school basketball. The Falcons and The Stallions battled tick for tac down to the very last second, but there could only be one winner. The first quarter was a bit sloppy, a lot of missed baskets, a lot of fouls, and plenty of turnovers, no one had gone on a stretch, after the first quarter the score was Green Run 10 Cox 9. The 2nd Qtr we had a little more action. Freshman Jordan Lewis began to find his rhythm as he would drop 2 3 pointers in the 2nd quarter as well as a few layups at the basket. Jordan Williams came up big becoming unstoppable inside the paint just having his way with the Stallion defenders on both ends of the court. Cox had been hitting Green Run with everything they had but 2 big steals from Ashley James would let the Stallions escape with the lead at the end of the half Green Run 24 Cox 21.
The intensity went to another level in the 2nd half. These boys came out to play and gave all they had to open the 3rd Qtr. Chris Campbell continued to have his way in the paint , and AJ Smith joined the party driving to the paint and getting to the free throw line slightly
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Showers would finish with a game-high 16 pts and 5 steals, and Shawn Sanders finished with 15 pts. Cox Head Coach Bobby Wolfe was incredibly proud of his team and the fight they put up even though they were not at full strength coach did not use that as an excuse, he stressed that too much sloppy play had cost the Falcons the game. The Stallions have not lost to a beach district team since 2013, and that streak continued tonight. If we can take something away from this game is everyone needs to be on notice that these two teams are pushing to make a deep run this year and they will fight until the final second to come up with a

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