Personal Narrative Essay: The First Time I Playing Basketball

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The first time I learned basketball was when I am at the 6th grade when my physical education teacher registered me in a basketball summer camp. I used to be a shy and quiet girl but since joining the summer camp I started to socialize and have friends. After two months of learning basketball, I began to like it. Then, I started playing basketball in high school as part of my school’s team and I’ve been playing ever since. It started out as just an activity, and then became a hobby that’s something fun to do but later on, I found that I really like basketball. My parents and my friends were surprised when they knew I could really play basketball.

The first time I joined the team, I was so stiff and nervous because other players are much greater
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(I don’t know what causes me to get addicted to basketball but when I play, I feel like my body gets pumped up, driving me to release the energy. Whenever I feel stress of schoolwork or unhappy, basketball helps to ease my mind. It is also an escape from schoolwork, a source of enjoyment, and clearly a way of exercising as well.) That results that we won most of the Cup that we joined placing in the first place, second, and sometimes third. I injured my ankle twice and sprained my …show more content…
We won the first game, second game, third game until we reached the finals. What a shocker it was to discover that our opponent would be Yadika High School, our rivals. We always met during the school league but we always lost to them because they are just ahead on us in speed, power, and strength. The day of the final match came. My heart was pounding so hard it feels like ready to explode, while my stomach felt like there are a million butterflies. Every step I took the court makes me more nervous. My teammates were all walking silently, mentally preparing ourselves for what was about to happen. As we reached the venue and took our first steps inside, I can hear the bursts of excitement from the crowd. After we are done with warming up, Albert, our coach gave a speech to play as we used to and try not to be nervous. The speech didn’t help at all. So we prayed and the game started and we played nervously. My captain, Melissa dribbled down the court, looked to pass, and took the shot but missed it. Michelle also missed her fast-break lay up, and I missed my free throw. At the end of Quarter 2, it was like playing football because the scoreboard only shows 2 for Ipeka Tomang (my school) and 3 for Yadika. That indicates how much we are struggling the whole quarter never really score but a constant battle between getting and loosing the ball. After 10 minutes of break, we continue to Quarter 3. Both teams started to score while we are

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