Personal Narrative Essay: My Senior Year Of Basketball

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It was my senior year of basketball and it was just getting started. This was it, my final year where we were going to win State and I was going to get a college scholarship. I had prepared all summer and in the preseason, nothing was going to get in my way. Our team was smaller this year and lacked the skill we had in the previous years, but that just meant I was going to have to step up even more. I was totally ready for the season and whatever challenges we would face as a team. Scouts were communicating with me and arranging to see some of my games. I had worked up to this point after hours after hours of effort and years of hard work. Everything I had done in the last five years was to get me to this point and here was my chance. I thought I was prepared, I thought nothing could mess this up. I had it together didn’t I? I was completely ready wasn’t I? I had earned this opportunity hadn’t I? This was “the season” for me, until an ankle sprain changed that entirely. It was my fifth game of the season. Up to this point I had been killing it on the …show more content…
We started to be a team again, even though I wasn’t on the court. I realized the potential everyone on the team had and that I didn’t have to carry them all. They could take care of themselves as long as I did my job as a motivator. They played so well together and the team chemistry was unmatchable. But I was still missing the game. Scouts weren’t coming because I was not playing. However I had still been communicating with the assistant coach from the college I wanted to go to, the College of Idaho. We sent her the film from my first games and she had talked to coaches who had seen me play. She had met with my family and I and loved us. In college sports to be pursued by coaches when they haven’t even seen you play in person is unheard of, so despite my unlucky circumstances I still had a chance to achieve my dream of playing college

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