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Baseball has to be one of America’s best pastimes. There are only a hand full of sports that have originated in America, and with that said, baseball has to be one of the most beloved sports we have in today’s time. Baseball has affected young men, men of color, even women and along the way started some club and team rivals. There has been such a love for the sport since it came about. This sport really gives room for competition, family oriented events, and everything in between.
The earliest mention of “baseball” was in 1792 Pittsfield, Massachusetts. They documentation only came about because there was a law banning, at the time, the informal playing of the game within 80 yards of the town meeting house. (baseball-reference) Another early
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Some of the New York style of play has stuck through the sports history and is still used within today’s time. As time went on, America found its self in the Civil War. The civil war was an outlet and an escape of the war, so club memberships grew. Base ball clubs started popping up from coast to coast by 1867. During the Civil war, soldiers from different parts of the United States met, and played baseball, leading to a more unified national version of the sport. By 1869, the NABBP allowed professional play. The war brought the country together, in a way and brought a string sense of patriotism and nationalism in a different light.
From 1942 to 1954, America’s pastime was a game played in skirts. By the fall of 1942, many minor league teams started to fall apart because of the war. Young men, 18 years old and older, were being drafted into the armed services. There was a huge fear that this was going to affect every team across the country and ruin the sport. A board of trustees was formed and the first thing they had to do was, write and make set rules. Ken Sells, had to write the new set of rules for the League. (aagpbl) Since the only organized ball for women in the country was softball, they created a game which included both softball and baseball. Their second task was clearly, to find talented base ball player women, not softball

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