Personal Narrative: Baseball In High School

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This last school year I moved to Nebraska to live there for awhile. While I was there I went to school and played my favorite sport baseball. I was very excited for our first practice, and our first game. My excitement skyrocketed when coach told me at the end of practice that I would start at shortstop and close the game pitching. The entire day of the game, which was on a Thursday, I was in a marvelous mood because I couldn’t wait for the game that night. I was one of three kids in 7th grade that had made the team, but I was the only one who started in the game. When school got out, and I got to the house I was staying in, I had my baseball clothes on at 4:15 even though the game started at 7:00. When I got to the field to start warming up with the team. I was intensely frigid out! It was 50 degrees in the middle of April! I was wearing an undershirt, and I had a sweatshirt on while warming up. After warming up and moving around for a little bit I had gotten used to the bitter cold and finally was able to take my …show more content…
After a while I felt like I was part of the team, and now we were just having lots of fun. We were losing in the fifth, but since we were home we batted last. We were down by 3 points, and needed to get 3 points to win. We were at the top of the lineup and the first person in the lineup Isaac, got on first. Adam was up and he got on first, and then I got on first. The bases were loaded. My cousin Hunter was up next. The kid pitched the ball and “CRACK” The ball flew over the centers head. Isaac made it home, Adam made it home, I made it home, and then Hunter tried for an inside the park grand slam but got caught at home. The game was tied 8-8. The next person in the lineup was up, and he got a double. Then Conner who was another 7th grader, hit for an RBI which scored the final run. We had won the

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