Personal Narrative: The Gopher State Baseball Tournament

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July 22, 2012 was one of my favorite days of my life, it was the day we won the Gopher State Baseball Tournament. We got to take a coach bus up to target field and walk on the field with all the other age groups that also won. On the way up no one could sit still we were all exhilarated to be on a Major League Baseball field. But before we get to that, we should start at the beginning of the season and the state tournament. It was my first year of Royals baseball and I was the only baseball player from Kennedy Elementary. Therefore, I didn’t know anyone on the team when we started practice so, I was nervous they wouldn’t like me. It took some time, but I started to make some friends on the team, including Isaac Turner and Ben Ellingworth. …show more content…
We started Jack Foster on the mound, but, it didn’t go as planned. They started hitting bombs off him and scored five runs in the first inning. My heart sank after that and most of the team had lost hope. Our coach asked if after all we have done were we going to give up just like that. I remember us fighting back into the game. My first at bat, I got a high fastball and hit it back up the middle. It felt like hitting a pillow, I didn’t feel it on my bat. Then all started playing like we could win this game. In the fourth inning we took the lead 7-5. In the sixth, they were up to hit and we need to stop them in order to win. There was two outs and runners on second and third. The ball was hit and went between our third baseman's legs, the runner from third scored with ease. Their coach sent the guy from second and our left fielder Jackson Mayday was our last hope. He threw past the cutoff man and it was a perfect throw to our catcher Isaac Turner and he tagged the runner ending the game. We all threw our gloves and hats in the air and celebrated like crazy kids. We had just won the Gopher State Baseball Tournament. We shook hands with the other team and gathered our things from the dugouts. We went to get the trophy and banner to take pictures and no one could stop smiling. After, that we got sized for our championship rings, our personal trophy for winning. We would be presented them at a Twins game that was a couple weeks

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