My Trip To The Summer Marathon-Personal Narrative

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It was the beginning of my 8th-grade summer vacation. Hooray! No more waking up early, and no more late nights doing homework. As the days went by, I knew I couldn’t sleep in until noon, or stay up very late, I needed to go to as many volleyball activities the school offered so I could make it on a good team. I was determined to do anything to become a 10x better athlete than I was last year because it was high school ball, not middle school ball. I went to the Summer Marathon Leagues every Monday, I never missed one. I wanted to become very dedicated to this sport. We played every Monday, and eventually were the champs of the 2017 league as a freshman team. The support and love my teammates and I have for each other is actually quite …show more content…
I always thought that my team would always stay together, but I was wrong. Now, I hardly ever talk those girls. It’s quite devastating, but it is what it is.
When our season finally began, I couldn’t wait for our first game. I was also really nervous, and I had that urge to pee with every move I took. That night we took our first win and went out to celebrate.
Our next game was actually a tournament, and although we lost one game, I was still very proud of the momentum my team had at the end of that match. After that, we rematched the team we lost to and got a revenge on them. After that, we went undefeated our whole season and went on to sectionals. We won that and went to state.
We made it to the final round. “This is it. We win, and we’re state champs. We certainly didn’t make it that far to lose, and the team we were against was just as advanced as us. I didn’t want to let anyone down, and I gave it all I had.
We went on to a 5th set because both teams had won two games. This last game changed the way I played volleyball forever. The score was tied 13-13. The game only went up to 15 points, that meant the team the got the next two points, would take it

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