Personal Narrative Of My First Track Race

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“They can’t stop what they can’t catch”
This very Nike quote explains where my love for running began. This story is about me winning my first Track race. The day started well going through my classes as usually just as commonly as I do. During lunch I was thinking all about what I was going to eat; healthy or not-healthy. I also had to think about hydration and how much I wanted to eat. My nerves would always tense whenever someone mentioned the meet later today. Then came the ninth period- practice before the meet.
The team gathered at the back track seeing who is here and who was unable to show up. We also checked what events we will be participating in. We waited till all the other teams got there: Gilman, Concordia Prep, McDonogh School,
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I lined up watching who I would have to race against, including my fellow teammates. As I watched the lineup of runners there were runners older than me, my age, and younger than me. We all got to the line my heart thumping continuously till the official raised his gun. Then we all waited for four words “On your mark” and “GO”. After these words were said we raced off. All of top the runners piling into the first lane or two.
I took the lead surprisingly, my teammates on the side cheering the others and me on. The first lap felt longish but was easy. I finished that lap first not only surprising my coaches but others thinking that there top runner were to come first. Then came the second lap which for me is the fastest. Again leading the checking over my shoulder making sure no one made an attempt for the lead. My mouth starting to get dry at the turns I made. Always keeping my eyes in front, just thinking about the lead and my pace. I again finished first for this
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This is always the hardest lap for me, knowing that you’re so close yet so far away. Also knowing that after this lap you really need to pick it up not only your pace but your endurance. I was still run in lead of the group; my stomach would gurgle at every step I took. The sun really starting to shine on your face and on your back. I again finished first leading the race. It was time for the final lap or bell lap.
As I crossed the line at the start of the fourth lap I could hear my team cheering like wild hyenas as I lead the race. I started picking up my pace a lot more now making sure I sustained the lead. My coaches, mother, brother, and team cheered me on. I looked over my back to see some kids starting to make their own move on the lead. Then it came down to two runners; Loyola Blakefield and Severn. This was I not only a race, but a fight for the first win.
I knew this kid had experience and was older than me, but I thought if I could just beat him out I would win. As we ran it felt like all the other runners just disappeared. It came down to the last 100m of the race and it was just him and I. We then raced head to head as the other teams on the side cheered us on wondering who would win. We ran as time ticked itself off for us, everyone cheering as loud as they could. Finally I crossed the line first with a time of 5 minute 37

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