How Does Softball Affect My Life

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“Be remembered!” echoes through my mind every time I get up to bat. From Tee Ball to now, softball has made a huge impact on my life. Ever since I was 5 years old, I have been playing the game that I love the most.
Imagine standing on a softball field expected to perform at the age of 5. Even though the butterflies in my stomach were fixing to start a war, nothing was going to stop me from stepping on that field to play my first tee ball game as a Little Tiger. Fans cheered, but what I noticed most was, a little boy in outfield picking his nose. Standing in the box, I was terrified; the field looked huge. I had never seen anything like this before, but I knew that the little boy was the person I needed to hit the ball to, so I hit the
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Instead of scared five-year-olds approaching the field, we had gained confidence, knowledge, and strength at the game of softball. Practices had become longer and harder. Every practice lasted up to three hours, and sometimes even longer. By the end of the tiring three hours, I was sore to the bone and on the break of dehydration. Wow! It was scorching outside! I dreaded every practice every week. Through every hard practice and through all the extra time I put in, it was worth it. I succeeded in every game I played. The games are what got me through the practices with the team and with my dad. I looked forward to be able to step out on the field with my teammates. In the games, I batted as the clean up batter which is the fourth batter. I was the one the team looked forward to scoring the runs and winning the games. Only being eight years old, and my teammates and our fans counting on me put more than enough pressure on me; so much I could not handle it sometimes. I remember being up to bat the bases were loaded, and there was two outs. We was down by one run, I had the chance to win the game. My daddy had pulled me to the side, and said, “You are going to have a chance to win this game, believe in yourself, and you can do it.” Getting in the box, I was scared to death. I did not want to screw up and everyone abhor me, so I took a deep breath, stepped in the box, and did my …show more content…
Now is the time I get to shine, now is the time I have always looked forward to. I can remember going to watch the Nettleton Lady Tigers play, so I could watch Mackenzie Hawkins and Lauren Baldwyn play. I use to think that I could not wait for the day that I could be out on that field. When I was in the ninth grade, I was able to play my first varsity game in that slowpitch and fastpitch season. My ninth grade year, I hit my very first home run during that fastpitch season. I was thirteen years old, and I was the very last batter, the ninth batter. No one, not even me, expected me to hit a homerun. We went to play in a tournament at Itawamba Community College. Getting up to bat, there was a runner on second base with two outs. My job was to get the top of the line up back up to bat, and that is what I did, and a little more. Swinging the bat and making contact with the ball, I knew I hit the ball solid. Jumping off the bat, the ball climbing through the air towering over the outfielders. The outfielders knew they did not have a chance of catching the ball. As they are watching the softball leave the park, I ran around the freshly painted white bases. Jumping on home plate, the whole team shouted, “YEET!” I could not stop smiling. It was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. The stressful hours of practicing, and all the hours I had

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