What Role Does Softball Play In My Life

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While growing up, sports have always been a big part of my life. At the age of only six years old, my parents first signed me up for coach pitch softball. Little did they know that I was going to fall in love with the game and that they were going to have to spend countless hours at softball fields during the spring each year watching me play. Being so young when I first started playing, winning and losing did not matter at all. As long as I got to throw, hit, and catch the ball, I was happy. Like all little kids, I just wanted to get to feel the thrill of getting a hit and running around all of the bases to make it home. At six years old not only was I new to the sport of softball, but also to the girls that were signed up for the team. Prior to living in Brasher Falls and playing softball in North Lawrence, my family lived in Bombay. I have always been very talkative, sociable, and bold, so making friends with the other girls was not an issue for me. Some of the girls that I became friends with through coach pitch and first-sixth grade softball ended up being my teammates while playing basketball and softball all throughout high school. Up until I was in sixth grade, I …show more content…
My modified basketball years, seventh and eighth grade, were by far some of the most fun years of basketball thanks to Carrie Weegar. Carrie was our coach and she made practice so much fun each and every day. Along with working hard and practicing the fundamentals that we would need to know for JV basketball, we played many different games and had many moments where we would just fool around and have fun with each other. While being a part of the modified basketball team I got to know a few girls, Abby Taylor, Jenna Kesner, and Haleigh Agans, who ended up being my teammates all throughout high school and we accomplished great things

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