Baseball Failure

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Failure has the power to change lives; many cannot handle the presence of failure. I remember the first time I failed at something it changed my state of mind from high to low, filled me with anxiety and turned my world into chaos. What had such a powerful impact on my life is loved all over the United States, it is known as “America’s pass time,” the great sport of baseball.
I originally decided to join baseball to make my family proud, no one else in my family played sports anymore due to harsh injuries. I would always hear my father say the day he had a son who played baseball would be the happiest day of his life. As the only one in the family who could still play sports I decided to fulfill my father’s dreams. Only thing is I only knew
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Before I knew it we were friends. We talked for hours and laughed a bit we exchanged numbers and promised to meet each other again next week. Before we parted he whispered “you’re going to be a natural,” smiled and left carrying his tank. Weeks went by and we still talked one week he did not show up I found out days later that he had passed away. I felt like if I was in debt to him like after all of our amazing talks I had to join baseball and make him proud. Now I was joining baseball to make my father and a friend …show more content…
It seemed like this gave him a high standard for me. So high that he put me as a starter in center field for our first game. We only had one practice before our first game. My nerves were out of control, but seeing the smile on my dad’s face and thinking about Marvin looking down from above controlled them. The first inning started we were to go out first, I was ready my mind was racing my heart was fluttering. Our pitcher threw the ball and a quick swing from the batter made a pop and sent the ball flying towards center. As the raging ball came towards me I ran forward to it. It was getting closer and closer I jumped closed my glove and with great pride opened it up again. The glove was empty I panicked and turned back the ball was at the warning track the runner was making his way towards 3rd base. I turned and ran as fast as my body could, but I was too slow by the time I picked up the ball the runner was already making his way towards home base. I ran back towards the center of the field and threw the ball back to the pitcher. My father looked at me with great disappointment I’m sure Marvin was disappointed as well. I prayed that not one single ball would come towards me again but it was not my will almost all the balls in that inning came towards me. And I missed every single one of them, allowing the opposite team to score. After the first inning I was no

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