Baseball: A Hero's Accomplishments

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Jaxson Ziemann
Miss Davis
College Prep English 2
31 March 2017
A Hero’s Accomplishments Baseball is known as America’s pastime for good reason. The sport is does many things to draw interest to the game and how it’s played. Baseball is highly competitive, complex, and difficult to master. That is why people enjoy it so much. A game’s outcome could change with one pitch, and one swing of the bat. On Tuesday, September 8th, a ball is hit and leaves the field over the left field wall. Just like that, the history of the game is changed. On that day Mark Mcgwire broke the MLB single season home run record, surpassing Maris’s 61 home runs. On that tuesday, emotions of baseball fans were at new heights. Many people were celebrating the momentous
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He grew up around the sport and loved it. It has always appealed to him. Many different factors have changed his view on the game and what makes it great. The 90s strengthened his love and enjoyment even further. Mcgwire and Sosa helped him and others appreciate and love the game more. “The biggest contribution he made was getting people interested in baseball again…” Greg said. Though he enjoyed it, it had negative effects on the sport. “For a while, players turned to steroids to find success” Greg said. The 90s brought PEDs or performance enhancing drugs to baseball. This caused major controversy in the league because the substances are banned. Because Sosa and Mcgwire found major success with them, other players turned to PEDs to do the same. Greg feels that their success has had some negative impacts on the game. Though steroids did hurt the game and its reputation, it helped purge baseball and other sports of …show more content…
Even those who looked up to him as a role model changed opinions after he openly announced that he had cheated. The question is, would you respect him as a hitter even though he cheated? Greg Ziemann said “I think he was a good hitter, and the steroids helped boost him up in their later years. Even when he was younger he was a good hitter, but the older he got the more the steroids pushed his career.” He still respects his hitting ability, even though he cheated in his later years. His accomplishments were so massive, that Greg’s opinion hasn’t changed over the years. He still loves Cardinals baseball and all of the history that encompasses it. “I still like him. He understands what he did. He is still good for the game, and people should respect that and move on” Greg

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