Personal Narrative Essay: The Joy Of Fastball

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I saw the ball going low and outside at about 91 mph. I shuffled over, but not quickly enough as the ball caught me right where I did not have padding. I felt the bone dance out of place like a ballerina. I laid there, rolling in agony. After a few seconds the bone shifted back into place and I was yelling in pain. The coaches went running out to help me.

Before the inning, I got all my catcher’s gear on and got ready to catch the fastest fastball in the league. JoJo Joseph threw harder than any eighth grader, I had ever met. After CJ C. Jay struck out we took the field. His first pitch was perfect in the warm ups as were the next 6 he threw, including a drop dead curveball and slider. “I’m ready,” he said.

I yelled, “balls in,”
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I was so happy because I knew there were a lot of places to snowboard there. I loved snowboarding. He told me we were leaving in two days and to start packing.
We landed and as I stepped outside I felt a cold breeze blowing against me and a musty dry smell from all the snow and knew I would rather be here than anywhere else in the country. I was preparing to get on the ski lift. I finished the sour candy and still had the taste in my mouth and then tightened my knee brace. I made it to the top and strapped my feet on my new shiny black, green and blue snow board. I got going really fast. Faster than I have ever gone. I could hear the wind zooming past my face. I could hardly control myself and before I knew it, I had a big brown oak tree, staring at me right in the face. I veered off to the side, but it was too late. It clipped my knee with the brace on it. No brace in the world could handle a hit like this. The kneecap once again tore its way out of its socket. I was laying there with a face/mask full of snow yelling in pain as my mom and sister rushed down. My dad had no idea because he was waiting at the bottom. They each grabbed one shoulder and carried me off where I was rushed to the

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