Personal Narrative: Baseball Practice

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My first game is just around the corner. I am at baseball practice in the batting cages with my brother, Nick. We are both wearing our baseball helmets.. “Pitching to you is my favorite,” Nick sarcastically said to me. “Well if it wasn’t for you being stupid and standing on the short side, maybe you could of got out of the way,” I replied. “Well said,” he replied. My heart was a pounding drum by just standing there, Because of the horrific accident on April 13, 2015 .
Drew, Nick, Alex, and I arrived at baseball practice around twenty minutes earlier than the time when coach would show up. “Now that we arrived early we might as well do some work to show off to coach,” Drew pointed out. “Might as well,” I said. When we arrived at the
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I was slicing the baseball, I felt like the baseballs were angry at me for something that I did. I was getting frustrated. Nick knowing of my frustration said.
“Am I throwing good enough.,”
“Yes you’re pitching fine, it’s just me.” I said in a bratty voice. I stepped out of the imaginary batter's box took a few deep breaths, tightened my batting gloves, and then stepped back into the batter’s box, thinking about finally getting a good cut. Nick threw another ball perfectly placed down the plate. I started my cut keeping my head down swinging at just the right speed, I made perfect contact and the ball when flying straight back to the end of the cage, or at least it would of! Nick, not being where he should have been, was on the short side of the L-screen. I saw the ball aiming right at him, and noticed he could not get out of the way in time. He turned his head in panic! The baseball bounced off his head like a tennis ball off the ground., making no sound at all. He collapsed like a dead man. I sprinted over to him while he was still on the ground. I had a metal like taste of fear in my mouth.. Nick struggled to say.“What...happened,” I couldn’t believe what I just did. In fear I gave him a simple concussion

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