Dingers For Days: A Short Story

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Dingers For Days “It’s a great night for baseball, the sun is going down, there is a slight breeze but it’s not strong enough to affect what the baseball is going to do. It’s the bottom of the 9th, the TIgers are down by one and Carter Ace is up to bat. He’s got two strikes on him and the next pitch is thrown and it looks like there’s heat behind it…..CRACK! It's going, going, going, and it's gone! Carter Ace hits the game winning dinger. The L.A Tigers win the championship game in regionals, and they're going to the World Series! The crowd is appalled and the Tiger fans are going crazy!”, says the announcer. After the game, Ace heads to his post-game interview where everyone is wanting to ask the same big question. “What did it feel like to hit the winning homerun that sends your team to the World Series?” Ace replied with, “I knew it would be me to win the game, my team was falling apart and someone had to do something. So I smashed that ball and what can I say I’m the best. No more questions I’m out of here.” The next day at practice Ace was in the outfield shagging fly balls. The second string left fielder, Dylan Reese, was going for a deep fly ball when Ace called him off. When Ace jumped up to catch it, Reese didn’t hear him call him off and they …show more content…
How are they going to get someone good enough to play the outfield in time”? Ace just turned the tv off and headed off to practice. He decided to talk to Reese about working with him since he was next in line to play. Ace found Reese and he started talking to him. “Hey man I know we haven't started off on a good foot but I was wondering if you’d let me help you train before the big game?” Reese replies with “sure, I guess I could use a few pointers.” The next few days Ace and Reese trained so hard, Reese was as tired as a bear in

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