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  • The Shape Of Things By Neil Labute

    The Shape of Things by Neil Labute definitely brought art into another level where people can relate to it easily. It will make one realize that the question that will get them thinking will be how far would one go for love and what price might one pay to have it? There are more painful and truthful questions explored by Labute throughout the play that made art more meaningful. From the opening scene, Evelyn’s chief weapon is an audacity solely acquire from her full senses that she is the richness that men seek. She, not Adam, is the real work of art, and she knows it. Stepping over the boundary in the Art Museum room where Adam works as a security guard, she intimidates him through the effort of her beauty into allowing her to damage a male nude by spray painting a penis. From then on, unperceived to him, or us, Adam becomes her idea project, a living sculpture that she will construct, as she says, “at her thesis defense, out of a pallet consisting exclusively of manipulation.” In my point of view Evelyn’s art project was an actual art even though many people would most likely consider it as porn. According to Evelyn “A truth in art is that whose contradictory is also true. Once they start adding plaster or any…

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  • Mathematical Focus: 3-D Objects

    Mathematical Focus: 2-D Shapes and 3-D Objects In the early years of schooling, children are exposed to 2-D shapes and 3-D objects in their day to day environment (Bobis 128 REFERENCE). It is important that children are aware of the shapes around them in both natural and man-made, to ensure they can engage, understand and apply knowledge of geometry. By exposing shapes to young children, they can begin to know and understand the…

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  • Cheese Cracker Essay

    to figure out the area of the given shapes in your packet through the use of crackers. Each of you will get a packet with shapes and one cup of cheese crackers. You job is to figure out the area of the different shapes by using the cheese crackers as your square units. • Now, there are a couple of rules we need to discuss before starting our activity. • 1- Do not eat the crackers until everyone had finished their packet and we’re finished with sharing/ discussing students’ work. • 2- Please…

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  • Van Hiele Theory: Freedom Quilts And The Underground Railroad

    The Van Hiele Theory applies to the article “Freedom Quilts and the Underground Railroad.” The three level of Van Hiele are used in the Freedom Quilt Activity. These three levels are recognizing figures by their appearance, recognizing/analyzing figures by their properties or components, and forming abstract definitions and classifying figures by their elaborating on their interrelationships. Students will be scaffolding as they are analyzing the shapes. At the second part of the activity, the…

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  • My Mega Maths Evaluation

    based on the theme shapes. I decided to use the shapes question for this particular week because the children had lessons on 2D shapes the previous week and would be able to use their prior knowledge to help them solve the problem in this particular question. Aubrey (2013) states that it is important for children to be able to access their prior knowledge and ongoing cognitive processing in every lesson. Teachers should be able to adjust tasks and lessons in relation to children’s needs,…

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  • Art Analysis: Design And Composition

    1. Design and Composition - Denote in your Design Analysis the Design Principles seen in the work (unity, contrast, balance, movement, direction, emphasis, rhythm, repetition, center of interest, etc. Thank you for sharing your wonderful earthwork to the class Ms. Thi. The stones that you choose are very distinct, I like how they differ in shapes and yet they connect to each other. The flat stone in the middle is just the right size and shape to hold the two small stones on top. I also admire…

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  • Ms. Ots Observation

    circles on them. Ms. Otts gives them instruction to place each ball in a circle. Emma says, “Haigen, can I have one of yours because I made mine too big.” Haigen replies, “Sure, here you go.” Ms. Otts realizes that Cohen has gotten off task. She has Cohen count each number of balls out to her. Haigen pipes in, “Ms. Otts, this is the funnest day ever.” After lining up all their balls on the graphic organizer, each student counts how many they have. Emma said, “I have 6.” Haigen replies, “Look,…

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  • Text That Shaped My Life

    Texts that shaped my life Text are everywhere in our daily lives and we come across all kinds of texts everyday. Some of the texts are useless and what we usually do it to ignore them while others are essential to us, these texts are the ones that shape our lives. In the book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, the speech of the author’s master enlightened the author that lack of knowledge is the reason why black people were slaved by the white, thus he learned to read and write by…

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  • 7 Ways Siblings May Have Shaped You By Lindsey Lyon

    In the article "7 Ways Siblings May Have Shaped You" by Lindsey Lyon, This article is about the different ways that siblings have on one another. Lyon purpose is to inform his audience that siblings impact each others lives. Her audience are people who have siblings, and to the non-believers that think siblings don’t shape each other lives. Lyon included experts opinions as major support to her claim. The author main concern is to inform the auidence that there are seven ways that siblings can…

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  • Topiary Gardens

    and will never die off as an art form. This analysis will also examine Beckett’s writing and language. Topiary gardens have been popular in Britain for a long time, and might seem to be an extremely British art form; however, the decorative trimming bushes and hedges into elaborate shapes began in…

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