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  • Sky Cathedral Analysis

    Created in 1958, Sky Cathedral, a piece of assemblage art constructed by Louise Nevelson (1899-1988). As it was created in the 1950s, this piece of art falls into the contemporary period, which stretches all the way from post-war to the modern day. Regarded as one of the most successful female sculptures of the 20th century, Nevelson was born in Russia, however, at of 6, Nevelson and her family moved to America, where she would pursuit her art career. In her early days, Nevelson aspired to become an artist already, and by 1932, she joined a school of art in Germany, and became fascinated with Cubism (an art style involving heavy emphasis on simple geometrical shapes and interlocking surfaces), which became adherent in many of her pieces of…

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  • Sue Goyette's Ocean Analysis

    Here, multiplicities of any kind form and make an assemblage of collective agencies to create a super structure. Here assemblages make relations between stratas in a rhizome network possible. For Deleuze and Guattari “becoming-minoritarian” (106), employing variable minority elements to connect and conjugate them, leads to the creation of a specific, novel, and autonomous becoming. The creation of a somebody and not a nobody within the masses is not orderly, but always multiple as an…

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  • Maya Ceramics

    ceramic production sites is rare to find. It is more fruitful to use indirect methods when evaluating ceramic production. Indirect methods usually evaluate technological aspects, like petrographic understanding the physical makeup of the clay matrix and NAA analysis that characterizes the chemical aspects of ceramic pastes. Specialization and standardization studies within a ceramic assemblage can reveal a great deal about the organization of production. Looking at the organization of ceramic…

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  • Intertextuality Analysis

    when “texts refer to other texts and in fact rely on them for meaning”. Intertext is found virtually everywhere and has existed as long as writing has. The idea of using connections between other texts in order to interpret the meaning of something adds credibility and strength to arguments. Porter makes this connection by also stating that “All texts are interdependent: We understand a text only insofar as we understand its precursors”. This means that the assumptions that we make about a piece…

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  • Anthropogenic Climate Change Essay

    Exceptional monitoring efforts have established a shift from Arctic to Subarctic climate regime within the last decade (Grebmeier et al. 2006). Building on the existing 30-year record of direct observations on the water column and benthic macrofauna, I will extend this record back to the last glacial maximum using geologically young fossil material (<10,000 years old), including both skeletal death assemblages accumulating in the seabed, and recently buried fossils from sedimentary cores.…

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  • Malcolm X And Gees Discourse Theory

    I have choose to do the second option for this prompt and write a new essay about how Robertson’s theories relate to Malcolm X and Gees concepts. The main points i would like to talk about are how her theories of Transfer, Assemblage, and Remix tie into and go against that of which Gee has proposed and to the story of Malcolm X. Transfer as Robertson puts it is using past knowledge and putting it to use in a new situation(pg-187). Gee talks about many key aspects of writing such as Mushfake,…

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  • Calum Colvin's Leviathan Elegy

    Maclean’s methodology is collective and abstract, with his construction of assemblage and found objects as a repository of collective memory. He recreates living, human stories with nature in these constructions. In Leviathan Elegy, the ship-like assemblage is accompanied by small round images that show abstract portrays of human figures bowing, engaged in some forms of rituals, and numerous columns. Therefore, the human relationship with the natural world is revealed in Leviathan Elegy in terms…

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  • Brahmaputra River Analysis

    Introduction Brahmaputra River, the peculiar drainage pattern of large Southeast Asian rivers, reflects a complicated tectonic history of crustal deformation in the Himalaya and river re-organization. In general, the Himalayas are divided into three tectono-lithologic domains: the Lower Himalayas, the Higher Himalayas and the Tethys Himalayas (Amano and Taira, 1992); surprisingly this river flows through over these three domains (Fig.1). The mineral assemblages are correlated with these…

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  • Elie Wiesel's Unspeakable Words

    declared if he sees a group as Non-Aryans, he will exterminate them because he considered them as a threat to the world. To set an example for the world to see, Hitler used the Jews as his scapegoat. Hitler also used propaganda to make the Jews look as rats so people can look down on them. For this he killed 2.7 million Jews, and the other Jews were taken to labor camps, or used as slaves. The Jews had to suffer emotionally from this horrid conditions because they only had no choice. What does…

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  • Grate Meaning

    As I walked by the creek looking for something to create I was stopped by this grate seemingly built into the small hill running down to the creek. The grate didn’t look meaningful but it had a non-visual value, it was a rusted old grate with a concrete foundation and it disrupted the natural rhythm of the river, as some water flowed away from the river into the grate. As you can see most people at first glance would simply disregard the grate but I sat and watched it for a while and found a…

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