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  • Pearl Cup Swot Analysis Paper

    One of the biggest strength that the Pearl Cup has is that it stands out from the rest of the neighborhood it resides in. Before opening their doors, the owners of the Pearl Cup “set out tasting coffees from Texas to California and the east coast” according to shop’s website. The owners recognize that in order for their coffee shop to be distinctive, they needed to be different. With that in mind, they developed their own signature drink called “The Pearl Latte.” This latte later won Best Latte in Dallas. The Pearl Cup also pride itself to be a “community anchor that provides a friendly and inviting atmosphere” for its locals to work, study, and hang out in. With its strengths, Pearl Cup also has its weaknesses. As a relatively new coffee…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Triumph And Tragedy

    Triumph and Tragedy Six seconds. Six seconds on a bright, sunny day in Dallas inflamed me with guilt. Six seconds and three shots shattered my family on the Kennedy detail. Those six seconds in Dallas happened because I failed to protect him. I allowed an assassin to put a bullet through the head of the most powerful man on the planet. The sounds of millions gasping at the sight of a dead president will forever be etched into my mind. November 22, 1963 is a day I will never forget. The 1960…

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  • Case Study: The Future Of Southwest Airlines

    The future of Southwest Airlines will continue on its voyage of innovation, growth and adaptability. Growing the company into the future means, “Leadership must determine clear goals while balancing the need for a formal structure against growth and adaptation” (Steagall, 2016). The original problem the leaders of Southwest saw was, airline travel was slow, expensive and full of features that most people did not really want or care about. Guess what, that problem still rings true today and…

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  • Adversity In Early Childhood

    This taught me to never give up on my dreams and to perceiver through any hardships thrown my way. Our townhome was located in a suburb of South Dallas called Pleasant Grove. The surrounding homes and community were not the safest environment to raise children. Most nights we would lose sleep listening to the bellowing of emergency sirens. It distresses me to know that the town I once spent a partial amount of my childhood in is now considered “the projects” of Dallas. I grew up to the sight…

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  • Southwest Airlines Business Model

    Southwest Airlines Co. (SWA), the model for spending upstarts all over the place, has turned into the biggest local carrier in the United States, by number of travelers conveyed. More than 70 million travelers fly SWA every year to around 60 goals around the nation. Travelers have found that Southwest 's absolute bottom valuing makes right around another type of transportation, more in rivalry with the vehicle than different aircrafts. They will spurn in-flight dinners, things exchanges, and…

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  • Academic Strengths, And Academic Limitations

    it vital to educate myself on the current business trends and updates in marketing. 3. In at least 150 words explain why you have chosen Dallas Baptist University: Dallas Baptist University’s mission and vision statement embody my core moral and Christian values. My desire is to pursue a higher education where God’s will is at the center of my academic work. Over the past 4 years, I have served as a social support specialist, working with at risk youth Dallas County. I’m passionate about using…

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  • DART-Light Rail In Dallas Case Study

    Dallas was late to build a municipal rail transport system, yet today its DART light rail system is the largest in the United States at a total system length of 85 miles. Troubled by a rocky start, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit authority was faced with the stubborn reluctance of voters to spend any taxpayer money on public transportation infrastructure. However, once the wheels of development started in motion, there was no chance of them stopping. Over the course of 30 years, Dallas went from…

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  • Personal Statement: I Wish I Could Be Part Of That Disney World

    Wish I Could Be Part of That Disney World Since my toddler years, I have been an avid Disney fan, nay, an addict. I have attended the parks annually since my 3rd birthday. For many years, my family bought annual passes and we went as often as every other weekend. Early on I thought my dream job would be to play a Disney princess, as I grew into my preteen years I found that to be overrated. I became more opinionated of the changes occurring within the parks and less entranced by the magic they…

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  • Comparing Lebron James And Nike's Advertisements

    Both of the advertisements relate to LeBron James and his basketball career, while tying in the use of Nike products. Additionally, both advertisements portray LeBron James and others around him wearing the Nike brand in different environments. Even though the advertisements both involve diverse communities, a sense of togetherness, and comfortable shoes, analyzing them from the beginning to the end shows how each displays a difference in how the content of each is received. In the first…

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  • American Airlines Arena Case Study

    peaceful, the “Black Bloc” group, known for violent protests and the use of dangerous and deadly weapons are expected. Additionally, FIU student James Jones is known to have sympathy with Hamas. He was recently arrested and found in possession of pipe bombs and other bomb making material. He is currently free, and likely to be present at this event. The likelihood of some form of violence at Bicentennial Park is high, although the consequences are moderate, as any attack from this vantage…

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