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  • Effort-Based Praise Research

    of Feedback (Neutral vs Effort-based) as the independent variable and Perseverance as the dependent variable. Participants were randomly assigned to the either the Effort-based Feedback condition (N = 10) or the Neutral Feedback condition (N = 11). Perseverance was calculated as seconds spent solving the target puzzle, with possible time ranging from 0 to 300 seconds. Materials Children were tested at a table in one of the two testing rooms provided by the Children’s school. The tester sat across from them to provide the three puzzles used in this experiment. The coder sat in a corner of the room behind the child with a coding sheet, a pencil, and a stopwatch. Tangram puzzle pieces were used for this experiment. Each of the three Tangram puzzles were white shapes outlined in black. Children were given colored Tangram pieces to fit into the shape. Images of all three puzzles outlines and their original solutions are provided in Figures 1 – 3. The target puzzle, Puzzle 2 (Figure 2), was designed to be subtly impossible to solve, so that perseverance could be measured without the child first completing the puzzle. Procedure Each child was tested by 2 researchers, one administering the task (i.e. the tester) and the other coding the total time the children spent on the target puzzle (i.e., the coder). Children were brought into the testing room by the coder, where they were asked to sit opposite the tester. The tester then explained to the children that they were to play a…

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  • Tangram Fun Reflection

    In the first grade lesson plan “Tangram Fun,” I was able to actively engage students in learning. This is given because I use technology and manipulatives as the main tools. First, I engaged students in the lesson by reading a book and playing a video. With their attention and eagerness to learn, I brought out the manipulatives (tangrams). Excited by the video and by the idea of “playing a game” students were about to participate. In the process, they were beginning to understand that everything…

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  • Lily Library: The Fashionable Chinese Puzzle

    donors who have helped to establish Lily Library, especially the Slocum Puzzle Foundation. Thus puzzle is the major theme in this room. The first time I visited Slocum Room, the first display case counted from the left has attracted my attention right away. The collections in this case are Tangrams from all over the world. As a Chinese student, I can’t be more familiar with this toy that I have played since childhood. Tangrams are one of the best-known examples of mechanical puzzles. It is a…

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  • Piaget's Theory Of Cognitive Analysis

    In this article I will be applying Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development to mathematic instruction. Piaget’s introduce the learning process through different stages of cognitive development such as Sensorimotor Stage, Preoperational Stage, Concrete Operations Stage, and the Formal Operations Stage. The Sensorimotor Stage is the stage an infant’s mental and cognitive attributes develop from birth until the appearance of language. In this stage the child will become able to find objects even…

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  • How Do Violent Video Games Affect Children

    taken lightly, because it can then lead to violence. Long use of violent video games can easily influence and increase violence in children such as getting into fights, and being involved with murder. There was a study done with children between the ages of 9 to 14, which consisted of 104 males and 87 females. The objective of the experiment was to see how video games can cause hurtful behaviors. Before the experiment started, each child had to take a questionnaire about aggression. After the…

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  • Video Games: The Effects Of Gaming On Children

    real statement and validated by an experiment created by Polman and his colleagues. This study consisted of 56 children in both fifth and sixth grade. The students were split into groups of three as much as possible. Once that was complete they were picked randomly, within each cluster, for what position they had; these were playing a violent games, watching a violent game, and playing a non-violent game. The results that came after fifteen minutes of play were that “playing a violent video game…

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  • Overcoming Math Anxiety

    student feel like withdrawing, avoiding math altogether, even have stomachaches and headaches. Use of relaxation techniques, talking to a trusted individual, and obtaining a math tutor can help with math anxiety. Learning how to study math can be very helpful. There are classes that teach only study skills. Practicing math every day will keep the skills fresh in the mind. Know your teacher so that when discussions come up then you can feel comfortable. Finally, understanding math goes…

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  • Geometric Habits Of Mind

    The Clements and Sarama article gave examples of activities with puzzles, images, maps, and acting with our bodies. We have also looked at examples of play that involved forming figures or investing figures with ropes, straws, attribute blocks, tangrams, interlocking shapes, and cutouts of shapes. These activities encouraged us, and would encourage our students as well, to discover the properties of shapes and relationships between shapes. They have helped me to begin to understand how future…

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