Night on Bald Mountain

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  • Night On Bald Mountain Musical Analysis

    Night on Bald Mountain Musical Analysis Nazari Tuyo 3.21.17 Historical Background Composer & Arrangers Career Night on Bald Mountain is a scary but yet peaceful song. It was composed by Modeste Mussorgsky in 1867. The version that will be played by the CRLS orchestra was arranged by Eric Segnitz. Who was Mussorgsky? He was born in the winter of 1839, and grew up in Russia. Modest was a composer, and he was well known for his opera Boris Godunov. He also wrote many other pieces of music such as Pictures from an Exhibition, and Night on Bald Mountain. Before he became a composer, Modest was always interested in music. As a child, his nanny taught him about russian folk tales. This drew him to story writing. His mother was an excellent pianist, and gave him lessons at age seven. When he was 10, his music career was disturbed when his father sent him and his brother to the Peter-Paul school in st. Petersburg to pursue a life in the military. During this time, his father entrusted his music career at the hands of Prof. Anton Gurke at St. Petersburg Conservatory. In 1852, he entered the School for Cadets of the Guard, where he composed his first piece, Pod Praporshchik. His father paid for it. Once he became a lieutenant, he joined the…

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  • Personal Narrative-A Walk In The Appalachian Trail

    Today we would be reaching the highlight of our section: Max Patch, a huge bald mountain with spectacular views. We faced another three-and-a-half mile climb. The final ascent involved a set of painfully steep stairs about three feet wide, with steep drops on either side. The views when we reached the summit made all of the pain and difficulty of getting there worthwhile. The mountain was covered in wildflowers, and I could see for miles in every direction. The wind muffled sound dramatically,…

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  • Fantasia Film Analysis Fantasia as a whole is a prime example of how a story can be told without using any dialogue. “Years ago I dubbed it “the Sistine Chapel of Disney animation” — an analogy primarily intended to reflect the diversity and grandeur of its various component segments, but also evoking the film’s use of classical, cosmological and architectural motifs as well as the structural use of classical music, culminating in the moral duel of darkness and light in…

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  • The Lion King: Greek Tragic Analysis

    Its sequence of Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky is a psychedelic and horrific occult piece. Described by Gabler as “…inspired by a Slavonic legend about evil spirits gathering on Walpurgis Night…” (Gabler, 2015) Chernobog unfurls with powerful, unsettling movements, with yellow eyes void of pupils that strike brightly against the otherwise inky background. “Disney's vision of hell is no caricature— “, he continues, “…but a Boschian menagerie of the grotesque.”…

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  • Dido Classical Music Analysis

    edge. The tones of these songs typically result in anxious feelings which reflects the piece's message. Death is a common motif of these messages. "The Erlking" is an excellent example for this type of music because it presents the feeling that something is going wrong, its tempo is fast, and it is about the murder of a man's son on horseback. One can hear the sounds of a galloping horse in the notes that the piano plays. Another great example would be "Danse Macabre." This song is about the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Worst Part Of My Life

    The situations in which I placed myself, sometimes recklessly, also helped to forge me into a stronger man. I found the courage to confront a bear that was following me in the dead of night, something of which I’m not entirely sure I would have been capable just a few months prior. On another night in Tennessee, not more than three weeks into my trek, completely soaked from a downpour earlier in the day, a blanket of thick fog descended upon me. I do not use these words lightly: what I…

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  • Meaning Of Meditation

    The Real Meaning of Meditation Meditation is not only bald guys wearing orange-ish red robes sitting in silence in pray like manner with crossed legs closed eyes and their hands on their laps or knees with their fingers in weird shades. Each person does it in some way or some form, but don’t realize what they are actually doing, to them it might just be relaxing or even a means of exercise. The environment around the meditator is not limited to a Zen garden with Buddha statues and Koi fish, but…

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  • Beach Cabin: A Short Story

    internet but if you got lucky you may be able to get a bar or two of cell phone service. There is still the same view of the snow covered mountains in the distance, the same rock covered beach below, and the sun still sets over the water every wind night. Every summer since I can remember my family has been making trips to our own little vacation spot right on the water. I remember the excitement in the mornings of my parents telling my sister and I to go get packed because we were about to…

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  • Modest Mussorgsky Research Paper

    Borodin was speaking of the famous Russian composer, Modest Mussorgsky. Mussorgsky is most known for works such as, "Night on Bald Mountain," "Boris Godunov" and "Pictures at an Exhibition." He first began composing in his teens but it took awhile for him to devote his life to music and music alone. The story of “Modest Mussorgsky is one filled with a few twists and turns, but it would prove to be one that would produce music that is still played even today. Early life: Mussorgsky was born…

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  • Differences Between Julius Caesar And Russia

    He sent Antony back to Rome, so he could arrange for the senate to declare Caesar as dictator, with no term limit. After Caesar spent a few months with Cleopatra, he returned the long way back to Rome. He went up around the coast to Asia minor, where he quickly defeated a rebellious king that demanded attention. Later Caesar declared “veni, vidi, vici”, “I came, I saw, I conquered”. After a brief Rome visit he set off for Africa to go to a winter campaign. By 46BC the competition was suppressed.…

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