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  • Arctic Circle Conflict

    The Arctic Circle in recent years has been the source of international conflict as natural resources are discovered and climate change is impacting the indigenous people, wildlife, and changing the arctic environment. The current governing body, the Arctic Council, and global agreements and treaties are not adequately protecting the Arctic environment. After examining the various conventions and treaties that have been made in effort to govern the Arctic Circle, it is evident that some legislation is in conflict with others, while other parts are ineffective and the constant battle over who has what power and where, and the lack of unanimous support for passed legislation all hinder the protection of the Arctic environment. It is estimated…

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  • Arctic Pochee Research Paper

    The Arctic Pochee is a close relative of a cheetah and a polar bear. The Arctic Pochee has many of the cheetahs traits and many of the polar bears traits. The Arctic Pochee lives in a rocky environment with harsh cold weather, lots of precipitation, wind, and small mountains. There is very little vegetation there but there some grasses, trees, and shrubs. The Arctic Pochee eats water animals like fish and sea urchins. There are many lakes and there is an ocean nearby, this is wear the Arctic…

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  • Arctic Tundra Informative Speech

    Have you ever wondered what animals live in the Arctic Tundra? Well a lot of animals live there and there’s a lot of places where the Arctic Tundra is located, but I’m talking about the amazing polar bear. There’s nothing that can even compare to them, that goes for the Arctic Tundra as well. The Arctic Tundra is found in a variety of locations; across Northern Alaska, Canada, and in Siberia. I’m talking about the Alaskan tundra though. The Arctic Tundra has a very unique climate, long cold…

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  • Cooperation In The Arctic And The Cold War

    the Arctic Ocean has been famed for its inaccessibility, but with unprecedented ice retreats in recent years as a result of global warming, the Arctic Ocean is becoming rapidly accessible. This means new possibilities for the Arctic countries in terms of trade, travel, and access resources. These recent changes in the topography have led many to portray the Arctic as a geopolitical race for natural resources and territory, with Russia seen as the main aggressor. Russia is depicted as a…

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  • Arctic Ocean Research Paper

    Tami Heletz Mrs. Simon English 7H 6 March 2017 The Arctic Ocean A landscape of bright and shiny ice lies ahead, getting closer every moment. Life by the millions thrives under your ship. Welcome to the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is located in the Northern Hemisphere. says, "Greenland, Spitzpergen, Alaska, Canada, Norway, and Russia surround it. It used to be called the Frozen Ocean." The Arctic Ocean, over 5,400,000 miles in area, is a very important habitat. It has…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Arctic Tundra Biome

    There are two different types of tundra, they are the arctic tundra and the alpine tundra. The alpine tundra is located high in the mountains above the trees and the arctic tundra is in the article circle. In the tundra biome, there are many oil rigs and oil mines and they disrupt nature. The tundra biome is the coldest biome and covers about 20% of the earth. It is also the driest place on earth and only gets an average of ten inches of rain per year. In the summer time, it does not get dark,…

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  • Commentary On The Essay 'The Arctic Refuge' By Jimmy Carter

    The Arctic Refuge Jimmy Carter in his essay has comprehensively explained how arctic wild life has it's profound significance.It is not only the country's heritage but it also is important to people around the globe . Many species of wild life have occupied their habitats in these regions . This has created a natural wilderness . Jimmy Carter has explained this wilderness by his own vivid experience . He has portrayed the vast forms of species which over the time have accumulated there . For…

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  • Arctic Wolf Research Paper

    for an arctic wolf. Although many people believe an arctic wolf can only be purely white, this is not true; an arctic wolf may have spots of black, yellow, or gray on its white fur. Due to the location of an arctic wolf, which many experts believe the Ice Age was what made them end up here, they have adapted to this weather. According to A-Z Animals, “ Arctic wolves are incredibly versatile and adaptive animals, able to withstand year round sub-zero temperatures.” Examples of this include two…

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  • Arctic Council Case Study

    Crossroads of the Arctic Council? When the Arctic Council was established in 1996 it was designed to bring together the states bordering the Arctic Ocean on issues related to environmental protection and sustainability. The organization does not address military issues in the region, which allows it to be one of the few international organizations in which both the U.S. and Russia will cooperate. However, I argue that there will be a change in the progression of this council in the next few…

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  • Arctic Wolves: The Arctic Wolf

    Do you know that Arctic Wolves are “ Also known as Melville Island wolves?” Arctic wolves has change over time and has had an impact on society. Arctic wolves or Melville Island wolves are unafraid of people. Which mean that we can be attacked by them. They “can be coaxed approach people in some areas.” In 1977 two scientists were approached by six wolves on Ellesmere Island with one animal leaping at one of the scientists and grazing a cheek.” There was 252 sighting of wolves and there’s…

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