Arctic shrinkage

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  • Stop Global Warming Essay

    in some places they won 't even have any water. Sea level rises, the storm surge will affect the Mega Delta Zhujiang, which can stimulate river flooding, along with the decline of China 's precipitation decline and the droughts of China 's delta region. As Sea Ice is going to melt is going to cause the Earth to get warmer and when that happens, it can cause a lot of melting (Shaftel). The summertime days are going to get more severe in temperature, which can cause the wintertime recovery of the summer to get more difficult. What does this mean? It means that warming in the Arctic is going to be faster than expected, the Perennial Sea Ice cover has now declined by 7.8% every decade, if this trend continues to happen the Arctic could eventually disappear in the year 2030. Light affects much of how warm Sea Ice is because dark colors can absorb the sunlight making the water much more. The Arctic Climate Assessment Report have stated that the Polar region is going to face one of the biggest changes, for example, physical, ecological, sociological, and economical impacts. Greenlands enormous ice caps are decreasing in mass size, and in order to forestall that we must know one of the reasons that its melting and it is a result of the rise of global temperatures. Statistics have shown that Greenland has lost 150-250 cubic kilometers of ice per year. In the year April 2002 the ice sheets of Greenland were 1,490.68 billion metric tons were above the average ice sheets, in…

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  • Siberian Huskies Research Paper

    Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend never owned a dog! The Siberian Husky is an extraordinary dog breed. In order for this breed of dog to exist there must have been reproduction among other animals to create this breed. The Siberian Husky is said to have been originated from Chukchi, which is a tribe of Siberian nomads (Siberian Husky, 2013). The Chukchi tribe created huskies for their own existence. Chukchi lived in hostile climates in the word were temperatures reached as low as…

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  • Arctic Tundra Informative Speech

    Have you ever wondered what animals live in the Arctic Tundra? Well a lot of animals live there and there’s a lot of places where the Arctic Tundra is located, but I’m talking about the amazing polar bear. There’s nothing that can even compare to them, that goes for the Arctic Tundra as well. The Arctic Tundra is found in a variety of locations; across Northern Alaska, Canada, and in Siberia. I’m talking about the Alaskan tundra though. The Arctic Tundra has a very unique climate, long cold…

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  • Polar Bear Experiment Hypothesis

    similarities. This was also presented in the standard deviation bars because the bars were nowhere close to overlapping each other. Although the alternative hypothesis was approved indicating that there would be a difference in the fitness of polar bear’s due to their fur length, it was not favored in having the dominant longer fur, regardless of the change in the allele frequencies. The recessive allele for shorter fur was benefitted in this case and the dominant wasn’t. What was expected was…

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  • Polar Bears And Penguin Research Paper

    Polar bears and penguins are usually found mostly in the arctic or cold areas of the earth. Sometimes it can get to as cold as - 29℃, with little protection the weather can be deadly. Polar bears and penguins have so many different adaptations and ways of protecting themselves from the weather and keeping warm by using convection, conduction and radiation. Some ways they keep warm by using the 3 heat loss methods are . . . Polar bears lose a lot of heat just through their tail and ears. Their…

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  • Polar Bears: Necessary Due To Global Warming

    Polar Bears Did you know that polar bears have lived on earth for more than 150,000 to 1.7 million years? The first polar bear was found by Constantine John Phipps in 1774. Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming. Did you know that polar bears can be pregnant from 195 - 265 days? Polar bears are only found in the Arctic. Their frequently seen along or near coasts. The most important habitats for polar bears are the edges of pack ice, where…

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  • Global Warming Myth

    Global Warming, a Reality or a Myth There is a growing concern on the conditions of the Arctic when factoring Global Warming. Most scientists believe the last 50 years of constant temperature changes in the world is due to human activity and the burning of fossil fuels. Many also take in the natural factors, for example, variations in the solar radiation, where major volcanic interactions and eruptions between the ocean and the atmosphere. Many people on earth do not understand the importance of…

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  • Why Are Polar Bears Endangered

    Appearance, diet, habitat, natural (or introduced) predators, and reproductive habits Polar Bears live in an arctic marine ecosystem, and its native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses. Polar bears have a distinctive white appearance. Their necks are much longer and their head is narrower compared to other species of bears. The front paws are large and used like paddles for swimming. Paws are heavily…

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  • Essay On Water Bears

    Water bears are hearty creatures, which inspire people to create useful things, such as the development of a special type of glass and a refrigerator-free form of storage. Water bears are tardigrades, and their hardiness has been put to the test. There are 900 known species of tardigrades. Water bears are also known as moss piglets. German pastor Johann August Ephraim Goeze discovered them in 1776 and named them tardigrade kleiner wasserbar, which means little water bear in German. They were…

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  • Informative Essay On Dog Breeds

    Dog breeds Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Boxer Lifespan 10-12 years 12-15 years 10-12 years Litter 4-12 6 6 Behavior Reliable, friendly, kind,confident, trustworthy and intelligent. Outgoing, alert, gentle, friendly and intelligent. Playful, devoted, bright, loyal, energetic, friendly, calm, cheerful, confident, fearful, brave and intelligent. Health Hypothyroidism, subaortic stenosis (SAS), eye disorders, elbow dysplasia, mast cell tumors, and seizures. Osteosarcoma is also occasionally…

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