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  • The Argument Essay: The Benefits Of Community Based After School

    We have arrived to our third stop, the complex, busy and hectic city, EWP Outcome #3! The third outcome aims "to produce complex, analytic, persuasive arguments that matter in academic contexts." I believe that the first and second major paper demonstrate my ability to derive a complex claim in order to make a compelling argument. 1. The argument is appropriately complex, based in a claim that emerges from and explores a line of inquiry. In the first major paper, I have produced a complex claim which emerged from an in-depth research that I have done. In my complex claim, I argued that although "community-based after-school programs have caused racial tensions and segregation among other ethnic groups, there may be benefits of community-based…

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  • The Importance Of Hydraulic Fracturing

    I had a printout that outlined my topic (hydraulic fracturing), my opinion on the topic, supporting arguments, evidence for the arguments, and my counter arguments with a refuting counter argument. I used the feedback I received from my classmates and Dr. Pisano to review my outline with a new perspective. I was then able to rework my outline and add any additional information to complete this task. Classroom participation and feedback was vital to my success. Research Essay Draft I used my…

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  • Disadvantages Of Critical Thinking

    Outcome 3 explores what it takes for a writer to produce complex, analytical, persuasive arguments that contribute to the conversation of existing research and matter in academic contexts. It is important for a writer, when developing a complex and analytical claim, to implement the stakes of the argument, and why the argument matters to their field of research. If the argument has no purpose, then the writers desired audience have no reason to read it. It is also vital for the writer to…

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  • Ethos, Logos 'And Cooper's In Defense Of Black Rage'

    Both Cooper’s and King 's works, “In defense of black rage” and letter from birmingham jail” both use the three rhetoric 's: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, as well as strategies like providing counter-argument that further supports their goals. I will explain how similar they are by exploring ethos and logos while understanding why those methods of argumentation is effective in persuading the reader. Cooper’s “In defense of black rage”, asks questions like: why would an unarmed teen go against an…

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  • Clifford's Argument Analysis

    This seems reasonable to believe since Clifford’s whole argument is based upon the principle of having sufficient evidence. But what evidence does a person have to leave a question unanswered? Their decision to do so would mean that one would believe that there is sufficient evidence to make a decision but contradicts the fact that Clifford says there was not sufficient evidence. James believes that this is one aspect of Clifford’s argument that he does not agree with. James does not agree with…

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  • Reforming Immigration For Good Article Summary

    like controlling and maintaining the flow of nearly three million immigrants. She also admits our current system is significantly better than the retired system from the 1920’s which was “blatantly discriminatory” (Ngai, 2) in its very nature. Nowadays, most people in America accept immigration reform as an important and pressing topic. There is a general consensus: our immigration system needs to change; in fact, I have met only a few people who think it is fine the way it is. As such, there…

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  • Bp Oil Spill Case

    1. Identify an argument put forth in the case about the BP oil spill. Describe that argument clearly and base your description on evidence from the case. One argument talked about in the case was the need for circulating mud and the use of a cement bond log. In order to prevent blowouts, you are supposed to circulate mud through the entire drilling rig to see if any gas is coming up with it, then once separated out, if present, you are to put all the mud back down through the well. It was…

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  • Benevolent Lies Analysis

    Hill brings up a series of principles of autonomy and three specific cases of benevolent lies in order to show that how those principles of autonomy reject the benevolent lie in the specific cases. In the ideal of autonomy, it is against benevolent lies by claiming that benevolently lying restricts people to acquire the real information about their situation (Hill 264), so benevolently lying infringes the autonomy of the one who is deceived. Then, his lists out two possible objections of his…

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  • Introduction To Cosmography Essay

    Ringmann and Martin Waldseemüller, collaborated together on a magnificent map that depicted something no one had ever seen before. Through the descriptive letters from a Florentine merchant, Amerigo Vespucci, Ringmann and Waldseemüller were able to formulate a textbook titled, Introduction to Cosmography, as well as create a massive map, which revealed a missing piece of the known world. These works were largely known to be extinct, yet one was discovered in the later half of the 19th century.…

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  • Quallyfying The Value Of Life Analysis

    He makes the argument that even though the amount of life time saved is equal and, in this case less expensive, the amount of people that die is far greater (end sentence). and This is not accounted for. The number of lives saved should take precedent over QALYs when…

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