Argyll and Bute

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    potentially homeless client in advance of the court action to evict to offer advice and assistance on issues such as mortgage or rent arrears and to offer possible solutions. The Housing Options approach to housing issues has been strongly supported by the Scottish Government who, since June 2010 have funded the five regional Housing Option ‘Hubs’ which have been established to develop housing options through sharing best practice, together with joint training activities and research programmes. Argyll and Bute is part of the Tayside, Fife and Central HUB and has recently piloted a Housing Options questionnaire to gather feedback from clients on their experience of applying for housing and whether they felt the information provide either on the HOMEArgyll website or by staff met their needs and helped them make an informed choice about their housing options. In 2015 all of the HOMEArgyll partners implemented a shared I.T system which includes a Housing Options self-assessment…

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