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  • Donald Trump's Fight Against Terrorism

    the frequency and brutality of such horrific occurrences. The latest attack in an Orlando, Florida gay nightclub left 49 dead including the gunman, an avowed ISIS disciple. This latest act of Islamic terrorism is another firefight in Islam’s war against Western Civilization. Homeland Security expert Robert Jasinski told me, the attacks have been increasing as 2015 witnessed the most jihadi planned plots in the U.S. since 9/11. Naturally, the liberal media was quick to politicize the horrific in order to advocate gun control, anti-Christian prejudice and homophobia. It’s the same tired script, only the venue and body count has changed. Mischa Haider, a trans-activist who writes for the online liberal rag, The Huffington Post, blamed everyone from Ted Cruz to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory writing, “I blame Ted Cruz, Pat McCrory, and every single politician in America and around the world who has promoted fear and hatred against the LGBTQ community to garner more votes.” This type of so-called online journalism is just another conventional liberal harangue in total denial. Never mind that neither Cruz nor McCrory has ever once advocated violence toward anyone because of sexual orientation or dressing preferences. Never mind that these men have never promoted hatred or fear of gays. Provided Haider did her research she would have found that Cruz said violence against homosexuals, “is wrong, it is evil, and we must all stand against…

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  • Analysis: The Like A Girl Marketing Campaign

    Jillian Berman stated in a Huffington Post article that this was the first time a feminine care product was played during the Super Bowl, which is a male dominated profession. (2015) Berman also discussed how the campaign researchers analyzed women and found a distinct drop in confidence around puberty. (Berman, 2015). That is the kind of information that can be capitalized on to hit home with viewers. In general, people tend to care about kids. Focusing on adult women may lose the interest…

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  • Thrive Global Case Study

    it has enough resources based on financial funding and human capital to become successful. The feasibility analysis of Thrive Global shows that it is pursuing entrepreneurship opportunities because: • Product/Service Feasibility – the service offers distinct value to customers in the form of training and it is exceptional because it is science-based. • Industry/Target Market Feasibility - The target market will buy Thrive Global services because most professionals experience burnout from…

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  • Argumentative Essay On American Made

    afford these items? Or is it because of jobs coming to America?. Or is it having pride in America? No matter the case, the fact is American made products are becoming more important and popular in the people of the U.S.A.. One factor that could be causing this increasing trend is that people are realizing, that buying American is creating American jobs. In a article on “Why Buy American?” by a company supporting made in U.S.A. products and job opportunities it claims “If every American spent…

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  • Animal Research Uses

    industry. Due to the dependence of the pharmaceutical industry in using animals in testing, the deficiency of alternative credible methods and we already have some ways to control and mitigate it; the animal modal should not be banned from the scientific community. First of all, for to develop a reliable drug is necessary many tests to proof the efficacy of the product and also to know the side effects of it. The most used method is still testing it in animals. Animals and humans are…

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  • Analysis Of Three Things That Happen When You Stop Showing For A Month

    working. At Well + Good, Maguire works as the Associate Editor, a title that she has held since September 2016. Well + Good is an online lifestyle blog. This blog is the leading source for nutrition, beauty, and wellness. Although she writes for Well + Good, this article was posted on The Huffington Post, which offers news on U.S politics, entertainment, style, world news, technology, and comedy. After researching the author, I came to the conclusion that she is pretty well-accredited. She has…

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  • Why Men Need Women's Suffrage Analysis

    the District of Columbia. The growth of this organization contributes progress in women’s rights. Young girls realize the inequality that persists in society and begin to find ways to fight against it. Complete equality for women in society and the economy will always be a fight. There are many current issues that include rape/abuse, objectification, and discrimination against women. These events stem from the historical foundation women were subjected to in time periods such as the Antebellum…

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  • The Effects Of Sexism In The Media

    people tuned in to watch Super Bowl 50; therefore, hundreds of companies all over America use this opportunity to present their greatest ads. Unfortunately, many advertisers seem to think that the best ads are those that play to and reinforce stereotypes about what men do and should want from women. Considering the fact that of the 111.9 million Super Bowl 50 viewers, approximately 51 million were women, one may think that advertisers would have more success and bring in more money producing ads…

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  • Technology Affecting The Consumer Environment

    instantaneous, and intuitive” (Parasi). This trend can also be related to the concept of fast fashion, developed with minimal lead-time to get new designs and products out to consumers as fast as possible. Consumers want the latest fashion trends, no longer wanting to wait months for new styles to be released. When buying products, consumers have also been more conscious about purchasing products with value (Parisi). In response to the recession, consumers have shifted their buying habits,…

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  • Celebrities Kentucky Burr Summary

    According to the Huffington Post, “It can also be argued that celebrity obsession is merely escapism. In fact, these are the things that professionals, including doctors, lawyers, politicians and judges, sheepishly tell me: “I watch the Kardashians to decompress.”” We see here that although people may not obsess over celebrities and constantly engage themselves in what they do, they still pay some attention because it allows them a distraction from their own lives. Psychology Today even believes…

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