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  • The Dark Night Film Analysis

    The Dark Night trilogy set the gold standard for the characters Batman, and the Joker. Every casual movie goer or critic would tell you that the most recent portrayal of each of these characters isn’t as good as the Dark Night Trilogy characters. With the flop of Man of Steel, and Batman vs. Super Man, Warner Brothers, the company making DC films, wanted to take a lot of control away from directors, and unfortunately the first movie to take such directions was 2016’s “Suicide Squad” by David Ayer, produced by Warner Brothers Studios. This movie was ultimately a letdown to many people including myself, but it doesn’t take away from the movie still being good. The bar was set so high there was no possible way to meet it, let alone beat it, and thus it left some distaste in people’s mouths. Overall, this movie was a decent summer blockbuster, and will be a great setup to the Justice League movies coming soon; Which really that’s what this movie was, a prequel to the Justice League and some of the villains they will fight. The plot was very weak, unfortunately. Essentially Batman has captured the 6 villains of Suicide Squad and they are placed in a secret prison away from the city. A government official wanted a team to be able to do her bidding if needed, therefore pushed a program to make these villains fight for the safety of humanity. The antagonist to the anti-hero story happens to be a witch whom is supposed to be a part of this Suicide Squad. She, alongside her brother,…

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  • Joker In The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight is an engrossing tragedy film that leaps beyond its origins. Batman is not the comic character, that you spent many nights reading his comic book anymore. Because of the amazing performances, the writing, the direction, and the technical quality of the entire production, this movie created characters we come to care about. By putting all the right elements in play, this movie had given the character of Batman a literary merit. This movie is not simply present the good and evil…

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  • Elena Gilbert Research Paper

    cooked it. They finished cooking the fish and sat down together to eat their dinner. The family finished their food, cleaned up, then went to bed. The next day they went for a swim in their lake. That is when Elena started acting weird. Eventually it got worse and worse and she was going insane. She constantly felt like someone was watching her or wanted to hurt her. Her dad had started to notice more and more how crazy she had been. Her boyfriend tried to help her and it was so weird because…

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  • Analysis Of Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    Asylums are supposed to stabilize the insane, but what if they did the exact opposite? In the book, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest not only is the sanity of the patients questioned but the staff’s too. The methods of the institution are questionable ethically and morally. Giving the patients unknown pills and taking away their masculinity is very dubious. The ways of the institute is soon questioned because of the arrival of Randle McMurphy. Due to the control, different perspectives, and…

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  • Live Theater Show Analysis

    His is a man with bulky body but he thinks himself a looser. The story starts with the new admitted patients named with Randle McMurphy. McMurphy is full of life. He is smart, intelligent and believes that live is short so enjoy as more as you can. He comes in the asylum like a wind that stirs the life of all the patients there. He is rebellious, and caring at the same time. Other patients are scared. They are weak mentally. Protagonists McMurphy will not follow any rules made my nurse Ratchet.…

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  • Absurdity In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Essay

    endured. Our ability to hold the world up to our standards lends us a feeling of power and control over our lives, giving us our pride and credibility as individuals, but when it is taken away from us, it renders us feeble, fearful, and helpless to whatever reality throws at us, causing us to gradually lose our sense of self, as well as our grasp on reality. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey, we are shown through the eyes of Bromden, a patient at an asylum, to what extremes our…

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  • Summary Of Girt By Sea Chapter 1

    COM111 – Task 3 The booklet “Girt by Sea” was written by Mungo McCullum speaks upon the refugees entering Australia and the battle between the politics. From my personal view, I feel refugees have the right to come to Australia to seek safety. Throughout the sections "The Boat People of 1881”, The Abuse of Innocence","Wongs, Whites and Reffos" and "The Big Lie”, Mungo McCullum uses strong points and persuasive techniques to shift the views of his readers. I feel Mungo uses strong points and…

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  • Social Impacts Of Syrian Refugees

    Germany. The ensuing article discusses the first-hand account of a resettlement success story of Firas Alshater. Alshater is a 24-year-old Syrian refugee living in Germany. The civil war broke out when Alshater was studying at university, and he quickly joined the rebel forces. One way he contributed to the resistance was by creating anti-government films and distributing documented footage of what he saw happening in his country. He was imprisoned and tortured by the secret police for nine…

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  • Julian Paul Assange Case Study

    These articles which are of significant importance dictate that the circumstances under which a person is granted asylum is under the discretion of the state granting it. Furthermore, it states that the urgency of the situation under which asylum is granted and the provisions under which a person is to be considered “persecuted” are also at the discretion of the state granting asylum. Therefore, Ecuador argues that its decisions cannot be questioned or disputed under the provisions that have…

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  • What Is The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Topic and Main Question: My topic for this paper will be the Syrian refugee crisis. My main question is what is the most effective and reasonable way we can aid this crisis and help the refugees, without serious consequences? Summarize: In “Regulating Human Rights: International Organizations, Flexible Standards, and International Refugee Law” Jill Goldenziel discuss possible solutions in further improving how refugees are currently handled. Currently there are international laws and treaties…

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