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  • Observation Of The Kindergarten

    Introduction There is a privately-owned kindergarten situated in an affluent part of London. Previously, the kindergarten was a church before its conversion to a school. Today, workers and owners of the institution have made it lively by decorating it with beautiful lights and papier-mache animals, which are attractive to children. Additionally, the kindergarten has a low ceiling and its rooms are spacious, which makes it very comfortable for children. Moreover, the kindergarten has a beautiful garden where children normally play on good-weather days. The Kindergarten serves fifty children, who are aged between 2 and 5 years. The children are divided into five groups based on their age groups. Each group has 2 educators that receive them and carter for their interest in the school. These educators are usually friendly to the children and handle them respectfully. The first thirty minutes of the school’s time is known as Together Time. It begins at 8.45 a.m. During this time, the children are in their groups, which are located in different rooms. According to Wittenburg, the grouping of children is beneficial to them because it makes them feel welcomed, he writes “young children need to feel held within a manageable boundary; they feel lost in a big space” (Wittenburg, 2001: 33). When this time has elapsed, the children are taken to the main room. They stay in this room for the next thirty minutes as they engage in a set of activities of their choice. This time is referred to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Parents Should Let Children To Children

    Meagan, who is nine years old has just been enrolled into another dance class on top of all her other extracurricular activities. Although her schedule may be tight with Girl Scouts, swimming, dance, piano, theatre, and more, Meagan will be thankful for this later in her life her involvement early in life will encourage her to continue being involved. She will be a step ahead of the kids her age and will have the work ethic of one that is ready to succeed. Adults pushing children to achieve has…

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