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  • Child Observation Of A Child

    While watching the video I noticed that teacher was first observing the three children on the slide. The child in the light blue shirt his name is “Nick” and he was trying to interact with the other children. The other children didn’t interact with Nick and he ran over to another area in the classroom where another child was playing with some cars and a tower that allowed the cars to go down different level of the tower. Nick then began to play with cars as well in the attempt to get another child to interact and play with him. Once Nick didn’t get the response back with the other child he then found interest in another toy and then went back to play with cars and repeated what he saw the other child do with the cars and the tower and that…

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  • Child Participation

    The article ‘Child Participation in the Early Years: Challenges for education’ by Jo Ailwood, Susan Danby, and Marianne Theobald (2011) presents a range of aspects around child participation in Australia. It furthermore discusses the lack of education that children receive in regards to this matter. Throughout this article, there are six main headings, these being; understanding child participation, child participation in Australian policy, advancing the child participation agenda (the child…

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  • Child Discipline

    From this unit, I have learned a lot about what disciplines means as a dictionary definition and as a personal opinion to lots of different people. I have also learned that this information could be different from what I may have known discipline to be as a child to what is in my household and culture along with how it is viewed in my profession. For example, according to an article on, Indian parents believe that, “childhood is viewed as a sensitive time period where children are…

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  • Atypical Child Development

    sequence as the majority of children of similar age.” (Allen 81) As sad as it sounds, children and their developmental stages are rather predictable. I work at a preschool and more often than not we find ourselves seeing the typical developmental process. A developmental sequence tend to be predictable and based off of observations of children of the same age. An example of motor development sequence is first a child touches toys, then grasps them, then holds their bottle, and then begins to…

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  • B2 Evaluate The Principles And Values Of A Child And Child Development

    which affect a child's physical and language development, include ensuring that the practice is child centred, as this will result in then being able to reach their full potential while within the setting. One of the first values for when a child's development has been affected, is to put the child first, as we have a duty of care towards them. One way in which we an put a child first, it to ensure that, while they are in the setting, that they get well balanced and nutritional meals, as…

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  • Child Observation Summary

    enter room 105 which is a three year old room, I took a seat near the corner of the room, next I begin my observation I observe a teacher and three children playing with some small beads and strings, the teachers being to introduce the beads to the children, she engaged them in a conversation about the different color beads and the different sizes of the beads as well as the shapes of the beads, she looked over and notice one child who was stringing the beads and said, it looks like you are…

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  • Child Center Observation

    I passed by The Child Day Schools, Hidden Canyon Campus in San Ramon, on my way to Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park, this sparked an interest in the program. After some research on the program’s philosophy, I thought it would be a great choice for my observation; especially since it was close to my house and would provide some perspective on one program in my community. My impressions form as soon as I parked the car and walked to the office. The outdoor environment was beautiful; the school…

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  • No Child Left Undiagnosed

    According to the author of “No Child Left Undiagnosed”, in the past 20 years the rate of ADHD has tripled,” 11 percent of all kids in this country have ADHD”. The problem is there are children being overmedicated for ADHD.According to The Center for Disease Control some symptoms that the child had ADHD are: they day dream,they lose things,they squirm or fidget, talk a lot, make careless mistakes, have trouble taking turns, and have trouble getting along with others. Children are being…

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  • Child Restraint Essay

    Case on Child Restraints Background Sometime in 2003, the United Nations Organization (UNO) sent a circular to all their members on the safety of children in the age group of 1 day old up to 8 years. It was strongly advocated that children in this age group when travelling in a four wheeler must be seated in a child restraint. A child restraint is nothing but a baby car seat. It is mainly in two pieces. A solid base is fixed on the seat of the passenger car and a removable seat which can…

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  • Child Classroom Observation

    My child observation and classroom observation took place at the Mt. San Jacinto Child Development and Education center in the preschool/pre-k (ages 36 months to 54 months) program room. This classroom has 2 teachers and 15 children in attendance during my observation. My study child is a male student age 4 who for this assignment I will refer to as C. The classroom environment as a whole can handle the children within the program, however I will provide a better picture of the entire room to…

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