Child Observation Of A Child

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While watching the video I noticed that teacher was first observing the three children on the slide. The child in the light blue shirt his name is “Nick” and he was trying to interact with the other children. The other children didn’t interact with Nick and he ran over to another area in the classroom where another child was playing with some cars and a tower that allowed the cars to go down different level of the tower. Nick then began to play with cars as well in the attempt to get another child to interact and play with him. Once Nick didn’t get the response back with the other child he then found interest in another toy and then went back to play with cars and repeated what he saw the other child do with the cars and the tower and that …show more content…
They all look to be about 3 years of age and in the stage where they are looking to interact and learn from others that are around. Nick is at the age where he able to walk, and use his fine motor skill to grasp objects using index middle, and thumb fingers to grasp objects. As stated in the text this called the tripod grasp. “A fine-motor grasp in which an object is held with the index and middle fingers and the thumb.” (Groark, McCarthy, & Kirk, 2014, Section 6.2). Social and emotional development Nick is beginning to recognize his peers and watch them while they play. Nick is somewhat playing independently, he take on playing with toys that other children are playing with but not interacting with the children. Nick is able is growing his independence by see what his peers is doing and repeating the same thing and gaining satisfaction in do so. The cognitive development stage for Nick, he is still in the stage where he mimicking and taking interest in things that other children are doing. Nick didn’t show any sign that the was able to talk. Only type of communication the had was the kid who playing with the ball, and that was imitating the other child

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