Preschool Child Observation

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Observation: Rise Program
Physical Setting Rise is a beautiful facility. All of the windows looking into the classrooms and looking outside are my favorite because they provide light, openness, and a sense of connection throughout the whole building. The commons is also a great area. It is large and open for all of the kids to spread out and explore their surroundings, while engaging in gross motor activities, such as going down a slide, riding a tricycle, or jumping on a trampoline. The main room I stayed in all week was the one-year-old room. The one-year-old room has a pleasant atmosphere. The child’s artwork and crafts line the room, filling it full of color. The classroom consists of two primary center areas. One center contains pretend
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PT at Rise focuses on a child’s developmental milestones despite their diagnosis. In other words, if a doctor says a child will not be able to walk, that will not stop the PT session from gradually working up to the goal of walking. PT sessions normally occur when the child is outside on the playground or in the commons engaging in gross motor activities. PT sessions also could focus on fine motor within the classroom. PT sessions begin their focus on strength training goals, starting with holding their head up, rolling, and crawling. Then moving on to bigger gross motor goals, such as walking and jumping. Once a child has accomplished there strength training goals and gross motor goals, the PT sessions focus more on school functional goals. School functional goals consist of accessing school equipment and school readiness PT’s also work on stretching, range of motion, proper support, and positioning. Some tools a PT might implement are slings on the backs of chairs, weighted and non-weighted Boppy pillows, rifton chairs, splints, walkers, and gait …show more content…
The sessions gradually go through the alphabet throughout the whole year. Speech and language therapy at Rise focuses greater on vocabulary development and less on reading. Like all the other therapies at Rise, speech and language therapy is integrative, in that it is held within normal class activities, and implements activities that promote fine and gross motor movement, such as the pincer grasp and stomping. Speech and language therapy also focuses a great deal on the use of sign language for all students. Some of the tools that a speech and language therapist implements are a Big Mac, board maker program, puppets, songs, box of visuals for different letter blends, and a

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