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  • Child Discipline

    From this unit, I have learned a lot about what disciplines means as a dictionary definition and as a personal opinion to lots of different people. I have also learned that this information could be different from what I may have known discipline to be as a child to what is in my household and culture along with how it is viewed in my profession. For example, according to an article on Babble.com, Indian parents believe that, “childhood is viewed as a sensitive time period where children are moldable. Thus, the environment, especially the parents, are believed to play an important role in child development (Matze, 2016).” I agree with this belief system. As a school-age teacher, I believe that the ages of at least 5-9 years are critical for…

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  • Donald S. Whitney's Spiritual Discipline Of The Christian Life

    Spiritual disciplines are something that take a lot of work, they are things that don’t always come easy, and they often require practice to develop. As a believer, it is easy to just assume the role of a mediocre Christian who often overlooks spiritual growth, thinking that going to church every Sunday is enough to effectively grow in ones walk with Christ. Through study, it becomes obvious that Sunday Christianity is not enough, it takes work as a Christian to truly change and grow, and to…

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  • Comparing Foucault's Discipline And Punish

    According to Michel Foucault in his book Discipline and Punish, the Panopticon is a prison designed to establish power and control of one individual over the prisoners through observation. This observation is achieved through the prison’s annular structure, with the prisoners in confined cells facing the center, and the supervisor in a central tower (Foucault 200). The ring-like structure and the central tower allow the supervisor to see all inmates while simultaneously prohibiting them from…

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  • The Influence Of Discipline On Children's Mental Health

    Parent’s always wondered what types of discipline can help their child’s mental and emotional health. Understanding the child’s temperament creates a special parent-child bond. Discipline is the way parents teach their child what type of behavior is appropriate and what is not appropriate. The word discipline brings to mind the punishment of a child; however, discipline does not stop once the childhood ends. Child discipline should be used by parents in the development of their child’s mental…

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  • Analysis Of Michel Foucault's Concept Of Discipline

    power. People took action once they saw Wallace as a threat and they put her in her place. Michel Foucault’s concept of discipline helps us understand what happened to Wallace, because everyone is controlled by society’s norms and expectations. Michel Foucault 's “Discipline and Punish” was published in 1975 and was focused on convincing society that power and knowledge should be treated as two separate things. A chapter named “Panopticism,” however, is about a prison that was first constructed…

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  • Summary: The Negative Effects Of Physical Discipline

    In our culture today, more Americans are coming to the belief that physical discipline of kids such as spanking is wrong. Scientists have been more recently carrying out studies on the negative effects of physical discipline, and some parents are concurring that it is the wrong way to handle misbehaving kids. With this change of heart comes more judgement upon public figures who use physical discipline with their kids. One example is with NFL running back Adrian Peterson, who disciplined his son…

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  • The Panoptic System In Discipline And Punish By Michel Foucault

    In Discipline and Punish, Michel Foucault breaks down the premises of a panoptic system, outlining the mechanics through which it controls a population and linking it to other structures seen throughout a society, such as in prisons and schools. An example of such evident in the implementation of new grading rubrics for English teachers across America in 1923. The essays of 12th graders nationwide, who wrote under the same conditions, formed the base of a design for a national rubric, consisting…

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  • Student Success In High School

    Fame and wealth is what people consider in today’s society as success nowadays. Success is a triumph or an accomplishment of an aim. To reach the level of success many factors have to be played such as self discipline. Self discipline is a key ingredient for our students to reach the path of success. Therefore, during the early stages of childhood children should be educated about self discipline, as a result once armed it would be a tremendous asset in high school and the future. If gained…

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  • Student Character Traits

    school students will effect them later on in their life. Having good character traits, turn into having good habits, and those habits help the students succeed in school. To be successful as a student having the character traits like optimism, having a good attitude, and self discipline are important. Optimistic students are most…

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  • Reflection Of Classroom Management

    Classroom management is crucial for every teacher to have in a successful learning environment. I believe that students need to be controlled and disciplined; students at this age need to be guided in the right path. They are capable of self-discipline but need to be shown what the rules of the classroom are and what is the expectation of the teacher. I believe that students are basically good but that the environment around them influences them tremendously. If they maintain busy with…

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