The Influence Of Discipline On Children's Mental Health

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Parent’s always wondered what types of discipline can help their child’s mental and emotional health. Understanding the child’s temperament creates a special parent-child bond. Discipline is the way parents teach their child what type of behavior is appropriate and what is not appropriate. The word discipline brings to mind the punishment of a child; however, discipline does not stop once the childhood ends. Child discipline should be used by parents in the development of their child’s mental and emotional health.
There’s tons of different ways to discipline children. There are good ways and there are bad ways. Young children, redirection. What that means is when they are doing something they maybe shouldn’t be doing, the parents need to distract
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It could affect their mental health the more they grow up. Mental health in children involves cognitive thinking including keeping the child’s attention on a certain task. If parents fail to teach their child the appropriate way to do things, their thinking skills won’t be how they are supposed to be then they grow up as an undisciplined child. Cognitive thinking is very important for a child’s mental health. That is why parents must take it seriously. Good mental health allows the child to be social, think clearly, and develop new skills. When the parent is disciplining their child, they must remember how old the child is and what the child can and cannot take in. Some children might take what the parent says to heart and could really mess with their emotions to that parent. Parents can promote the parent-child bond by being appropriate role models. Parents that are good role models make the best teachers of the child because he/she will know that they can trust them. Mental health is something that most parents pass by on. It is very important when disciplining a child. Mental health is adversely affected because no discipline leads to a lack of confidence to make decisions. Children who can’t make decisions have a tendency to have [poor self-esteem and struggle with depression. They always look to other people as a source of their …show more content…
Whereas mental health includes cognitive thinking, emotional health deals with being able to express emotions in an appropriate way. When a child is not disciplined, it could affect their social skills with other children. For example, when a child is playing with other children at school and they do not want to share anything, none of the other kids want anything to do with the one child that isn’t sharing. That could affect one’s social environment because he/she will not make any friends. There comes a point in time where parents seem like they are being too overprotective when it comes to discipline. That could be a possible incident, but it is normal. Being too overprotective could cause the child to have major anxiety when they grow up. If a child is never disciplined then they are never taught how to do the right thing. When it comes to making choices emotionally, they have no place to go because they were never taught. It leads to confusion for them emotionally and could lead to some very destructive choices. When kids are not taught how to make the decisions through consequences and discipline, then they just do what they want to do. That could result in making a decision that could destroy their

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