Drug Abuse On Newborn Baby Essay

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The issue, in this case, is the adoption of a newborn family member who may have been exposed to the mom’s cocaine use in the uterus. Drug abuse is common among many youths. Cocaine addiction is quite common among women of childbearing age. The cocaine is either smoked or injected into the system. The drug has many health effects of an individual but has the most adverse effects on the newborn babies. To judge whether one should adopt the newborn baby or not, one should first identify the effects of a child raised by a drug addict and the effects of adoption on the child. This will help one weigh the option with the most adverse effects and eventually make the right decision. Newborn babies who have been exposed to the mother’s cocaine use in the utero may be subject to many health conditions. The cocaine use cuts off the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. As a result, the baby is born with a lower weight than the children who are born to mothers who do not use cocaine. They may also develop organ defects due to the effects of the drug use of the mother. They may have genital, heart, kidney and brain defects during birth which will pose significant issues during the lifespan of the individual …show more content…
After birth, the mother and child form an unbreakable bond. Adopting the child will deprive the child of the maternal care. One will not be able to replicate such a relationship with the child, which will end up affecting the child in future. The child will experience feelings of grief where they will want to associate with their birth parents. The child may react to this grief in a variety of ways such as anxiety or depression. They will end up having adverse emotional trauma in future which may lead to mental problems such as depression and development of antisocial behavior. This will be detrimental to the

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