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  • Pursuant To Regulation 2.05 (Class TZ)

    I. Background: In relation to and on behalf of Fred Charms, a British citizen who has previously been in Australia on a Working Holiday (Class TZ) (subclass 417) visa, which was granted in the United Kingdom on 14 May 2009. After working in regional Australia Fred had previously applied for a second subclass 417 visa which was refused due to not working in a specified occupation, Fred subsequently applied for Merits Review at the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) which was also unsuccessful. Fred subsequently left Australia as a Lawful Non-citizen (LNC) on a Bridging visa A at the end of 2010 and returned back home to the UK. Fred has also substantially complied with the conditions of his Working Holiday (Class TZ) (subclass 417) visa, as well as his Visitor (Class FA) subclass 600 visa. Whilst Fred was living in the UK he met an Australian citizen by the name of Betty Blue a resident of Perth who was holidaying in the UK. Not long after meeting each other they started a relationship in February 2013, a decision was made that Fred should come to Australia to visit Betty after she returned to home to Perth. On the 23rd of December 2014 Fred was granted a twelve month Visitor (Class FA) (subclass 600) visa with the discretionary condition 8503 imposed. Fred then arrived in Australia to see Betty on the 13th January 2015. Even though there must have been residual concerns that resulted in the condition 8503 being placed on Fred’s Visitor subclass 600 visa, Fred was…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Northern Invasion

    Northern Invasion was the time of my life. I haven’t stopped thinking about how awesome it was even though it was a couple months ago in May. There were forty bands over the course of two days and of course I tried to see as many as I could. I still can’t believe I actually saw some of my most favorite bands. Here are some stories about what it was like during four of those bands. One of the first bands of the day that I loved was Asking Alexandria. They were playing at the third stage which…

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  • Employee Handbook Analysis

    Employee Handbooks and the Legal Effect of Disclaimers by Stephen F. Befort is the name of the article I chose and it examines the theory behind the administration provisions of handbook for employees and the outcome of disclaimers on the administration of the provisions under a contract theory that is unilateral. Also claims that disclaimers shouldn't certainly hinder the administration of the handbook provisions. However, the courts should analyze the handbooks altogether and implement the…

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  • Voluntary Judgment Case Study

    v. Vargas examined the issue of an employee manual that clearly established that an employee could be fired only for cause. Subsequent to the issuance of the manual to the plaintiff, in that case, the employer attempted to modify the language in the manual by issuing a new manual, which included an at-will disclaimer, and having employees sign an acknowledgment as such. 111 Nev. at 1070. Ms. Cohen will argue that Southwest Gas applies here. We disagree. Southwest, while somewhat factually…

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  • Dorman V. International Harvester Case Study

    Dorman v. International Harvester Co. Court of Appeal of California 1975 Summary: In 1975 William Dorman (plaintiff) purchased a tractor from International Harvester Company (defendant) that required Dorman to sign a “Retail Installment Conditional Sales Contract.” That contract encompassed two key aspects of the sale, the first being a disclaimer of the implied warranties of merchantability while the second was a fitness for particular purpose. The conflict lies in the placement of the…

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  • Station Manager Ethical Issues

    dilemma all of the options I have to face are all ethically sounds. For one letting Trevor 's contract to run it course and informing Trevor I will not be renewing is ethical, removing Trevor Van Lansing from his time slot, produce a show that is left wing have a show opposite of Trevor 's, and putting a disclaimer at the beginning of his show to inform listeners that Trevor 's show is not a news show but an entertainment program. All of the options are ethical and would an impact on the station…

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  • Analysis: The Real Results Of The Van Boven/Gilovich Study

    The greatest flaw in the article is its title (Dean 2008), which contains a word that is not often used in science: cause (or causation). Causation implies a direct, known, cause and effect relationship with a point that has been proven (Myers & DeWall, 2016). While the experiment did link experiential purchases to increased happiness (when compared against materialism), it did not link materialism to unhappiness. The press article also fails to include an operational definition, or a precise…

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  • Franklin V. Apple Case Analysis

    fair use, the work is analyzed to see exactly how it was used and presented, however, in the De Minimis defense, the court views the case and makes a decision that it does not require future analysis. For example, if a movie production took very fast and blurry videos of paintings that were likely not visible or hard to see, this would be a de Minimis defense. If an individual acknowledges the source material by simply stating the name of the source they received the work from, they are still at…

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  • Mark Twain's Narrative Analysis

    My first thought is not worth printing here, as it was mostly filled with angry curses and lamentations concerning the unfortunate effects of sudden dementia in authors. However, my second thought was this: maybe Twain was scared. He may have realized that his book was too powerful for the people of his time to handle, so he had to tone down the ending to pacify critics. Although he wrote Huckleberry Finn twenty years after the Civil War, many people (especially Southerners) still believed that…

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  • Case Study: Barco Auto Vs. PSI Cosmetics

    The plaintiff filed for summary judgement. In addition, implied warranties of merchantability and of particular use are apparently disclaimed. In Barco Auto v. PSI Cosmetics, 478 N.Y.S. 2d 505 (1984) the issue at hand is, whether a lessor’s disclaimer of all warranties in an automobile lease is contracted when a vehicle is used for business purposes quits functioning within a short period of time. Although, there are several cases that have applied to Article 2 of the U.C.C. pertaining to…

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