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  • Im Fine And Other Lies Analysis

    I’m Fine…And Other Lies by Whitney Cummings | Conversation Starters In “I’m Fine…And Other Lies”, readers are introduced to the author’s personal experience with mental health issues and embarrassing situations. The novel draws on the author’s trademark staples of humor and wit, supplying readers with honest and at times, shockingly embarrassing tales. The novel provides a been-there-done-that perspective, offering the insights of one who has spent much of her life dealing with the issues she…

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  • The Importance Of Trigger Warnings

    may include trigger warnings. Those could be anything from a simple disclaimer in a syllabus at the beginning of the year to detailed descriptions from the teacher on what to expect prior to the experience in the…

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  • Divorce Client Interview Sheet

    1. How do they compare with each other (discuss relative strengths and weaknesses) and how do they compare with Exhibit 3-1 in this chapter? Each and every one of the interview sheets has a different purpose. My first, client interview sheet, seems very general. This type could have been use prior to the interview, almost as questionnaire for the client to fill out before his first visit. Divorce client interview sheet is very detailed and specific to its purpose. I found interesting the use of…

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  • Negative Body Image Research Paper

    In this article, a list composed of 10 steps to help lead someone with negative body image to a more positive thought process concerning their body. At the beginning of the article is a disclaimer that this list isn’t a fix all, but it is a place to start to begin changing the damaging thought process the reader may have at the present. Also, with the piece being on the national eating disorder website, it is more than likely directed at an individual with an eating disorder , negative body…

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  • The United States As A Mixed Economy

    The United States is best described as a mixed economy, although there were periods in U.S. history when it was closer to a free trade economy. The government of the U.S. has always played some role in economic affairs. Over time, more and more services have come under the influence or direct control of the public sector. A free trade economy requires that all property be owned by private individuals and all goods and services be privately provided. Prices are allowed to fluctuate based on…

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  • Why Is The Exclusion Clause Enforceable?

    Question 1: Issue: Is the exclusion clause enforceable? Rule: A disclaimer is a statement that one of the parties will not be in breach despite failing to perform one or more of their contractual obligations. Whether a disclaimer is enforceable depends on; 1. Is the disclaimer part of the contract: (1) is it expressly set out in a written contract that has been signed by the parties? (2) It is expressly brought to the attention of the party by reasonable notice given before the contract was…

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  • John D 'Agata's Essay What Happens There'

    What is considered a harmful lie? Is it when it actually harms the person receiving the lie, or is it when it just initially deceives the person receiving it? Whether it physically or mentally does them harm, people see lying differently than others. In John D’Agata’s piece titled “What Happens There”, he tells of a young boy who commits suicide. He goes on to describe Las Vegas, where he lived and died, and about the boy’s life. Jim Fingal, an intern at The Believer, a magazine that picks up…

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  • I Am Not A Writer: Poem Analysis

    **Short disclaimer: I am not a writer, I don't claim to be. Rather then critique my message, just hear me out.** It's exhausting, Who would have thought this country would be in the state of mind that it is? I mean it's heartbreaking. Living in a world that is suffocating itself from all the negativity and appalling behavior. I don't even feel sorry for myself anymore. Ive almost grown numb to it. No, I feel sorry for my children, their children and so on. To see how fast this world is…

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  • Environmental Threats During The Prenatal And Neonatal Stages Of Development

    the product be an engaging toy, an effective cleaning chemical, or a new wonder drug, at the very end of the advertisement there is most always a disclaimer. “This toy is not safe for children under three years old” and “do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding” are among the more popular sayings. The reason for the latter disclaimer is likely due to the advertised product posing an environmental threat to a baby during both the prenatal and neonatal stages of development.…

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  • Gun Control System Pros And Cons

    Jensen, Great post! A quick disclaimer, my response is heavily opinionated. It really bothers me how heavily gun proponents depend on the constitution for their arguments of why gun control would have a negative impact on society. It's quite baffling that even the majority of NRA members support reasonable, common-sense gun regulations and yet we still can't seem to get appropriate laws passed. Is the NRA not listening to its own members? First of all, if the second amendment of the…

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