Station Manager Ethical Issues

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A station manager has a responsibility to both the well-being of the station and providing quality news and entertainment to the audience. Often these two duties seem to conflict, creating a true ethical dilemma as inflammatory talk show hosts spouting hateful speech draw big audiences and big revenue. Remaining ethical is key to running a station of a large following, as such, it is my duty remain unbiased. Essential to the responsibility the station programming and providing quality news and entertainment is upholding freedom of expression. By standing on the first amendment, one can uphold both duty to the station and duty to the audience. As such the station manager has to approach the issue carefully and has to follow their own ethical principles. With any type of problems that involves ethical issue the best approach the easiest approach to solving any ethical dilemma is by following the ethical making decision-making process. The first step is from Kidder 's model and it requires the manager to recognize the ethical issue. Since this allows the station manager to be sensitive to any ethical issue and it will allow them to see other issues that will come up. Baker-Kidder 's first checkpoint would help the manager to look at the situation that is causing moral or …show more content…
As a station manager, my responsibility is to the station, running a station I have to remain completely unbiased. The best solution to this issue is to renew Van Lansing contract. As a station manager having to worry about the well-being of the station and producing quality material for the audience could create a true ethical dilemma. I will have to see if there is another option that could be taken to please the audience and allow Van Lansing to continue with his controversial show or if there is an alternative

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