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  • Difference Between The True Believer And The Counterfeit Believer

    The difference between the True Believer and the Counterfeit Believer When you believe in something or someone, you put your trust in them and you are willing to put your heart and soul in anything related to it. We have two kinds of believer, the true believer and the counterfeit believer or the hypocrite. It is very difficult to differentiate the true believer from the counterfeit believer, because they both appear to be a very faithful person until you get to know each other well. The true believer is a trustworthy person and the counterfeit believer is playing a role. In terms of religion, the counterfeit believer is selfish, prompt to judge and condemn others, and only use religion to get their way. There is a difference between the…

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  • Faith: What Is It And What Is Faith?

    are displaying that He is not our primary priority. Following this further, in order for us to understand faith, we must first comprehend the misunderstandings behind the term faith. Tilley presents four types of misunderstandings to his readers. They are that faith is based on believe, faith generates behavior, it is an inner feeling and it is centered around religion. A person is said to misunderstand faith when they believe a proposition or a claim. This is normally seen among believers…

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  • Faith And Optimism And Planning

    Even though my life path is not laid out for me step by step, it is important that I recognize God has a plan for me and I shall have faith in his plan. If there are challenges placed before me, I must accept these challenges and try my best to work my way through them; After all, being optimistic in circumstances such as struggles and bumps along my pathway will benefit me best and enable me to achieve what I set my heart to. With this, I believe it is a matter of having faith in the plans…

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  • Reflection Paper On Oppression

    At times it was hard for me to challenge the behaviors I had observed because I didn’t feel comfortable stating my comments. To increase my comfort level in these situations, I believe I have to increase my experiences with oppression. If I start to recognize and correctly label oppression around me I will feel more confident in my thoughts and reactions to those behaviors. By feeling more confident in my thoughts I can successfully challenge offensive behaviors, knowing my thoughts are…

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  • Allowing My Brother And I To Travel To Iceland

    Consider Allowing My Brother and I to Travel to Iceland Recently, we have discussed the possibility of me taking my brother on a trip to Iceland. I realize that, like most parents, you are skeptical of the idea of us traveling away to an unknown country by ourselves. I can understand your displeasure with the idea of your two oldest sons leaving into what you may perceive as a dangerous endeavor half way around the world. However, now that we are both coming into adulthood, I believe that we…

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  • My Experience At A Basketball Summer Youth Camp

    interact with children from different races, ages, and backgrounds. Ultimately, I think the experience helped me personally and professionally. It allowed me to grow as a person and build relationships that I thought I would never build with someone younger than. Many of the children I worked with were indeed younger than me, but it also made realize that a lot of them look up to me as a person and role model. This experience open my eyes and made me see that matter how you see yourself, someone…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Home Invader

    They checked Everywhere to try to figure out where this unknown smell was coming from. By this time I had overheard them talking. My own curiosity caused me to run downstairs just in time to realize that we were searching for the source of something. That something was smoke. They smelled it and even I could tell the air was laced with it. As soon as my mind registered what was happening. It was like alarms went off in my head. My imagination took off like a rocket, what if the fire spreads,…

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  • The Importance Of My Values

    concept of family, however, these couple of years living away from my family has made me realize, how important family is to me. Whatever I have today and all the resources that lead me to where I am today is because of the hard work of my parents. I used to take all the love and support I got from my family for granted, however, meeting more people and absorbing their lifestyles at college made me realize the importance of my family. This importance of family leads to my other value, which is…

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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

    It’s intriguing to go into research with the basic, unbiased mindset and absorb all the different angles of reasoning that people have thrown out. From what I can tell, this issue is mainly a problem that affects the college athletes, their families, their schools, and even the NCAA. Athletes, and their families, have gotten the notion that they should be paid for the time they are dedicating to a sport as well as juggling school, while the NCAA doesn’t feel obligated to accept their request.…

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  • Steward Reflection

    This book was truly a fascinating read. It gave me some perspectives that I have never really thought about before. I believe the author is trying to tell us in the writing, that it is okay to do business and to strive to achieve in life. It is not a sin to better yourself or to hope that one day your children will be better off than you yourself. The message that I receive load and clear was that if what we do comes from a good heart and the desire to Glorify God then are actions are good.…

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