My Experience At A Basketball Summer Youth Camp Essay

706 Words Sep 21st, 2015 3 Pages
My choose of experience that I chose was working at a basketball summer youth camp that served children who were between the ages of 7-14. I ultimately decided to choose this experience because it was a sense of returning back to my community and helping those who enjoy engaging in physical activities. It also let me build relationships with children that I will help me in my future professional goals. Also, I think it has helped me prepare for my current job. This experience connects with my professional goals because it allows me to interact with children from different races, ages, and backgrounds. Ultimately, I think the experience helped me personally and professionally. It allowed me to grow as a person and build relationships that I thought I would never build with someone younger than. Many of the children I worked with were indeed younger than me, but it also made realize that a lot of them look up to me as a person and role model. This experience open my eyes and made me see that matter how you see yourself, someone that is younger will always look up to you once they get to know you. When I first started this experience, I had a lot of challenges especially my first day. I had a hard time trying to build the relationships especially with the younger children. I believe that is typical because the children didn’t know me or didn’t know what to expect. I think I got over this after the first day because I set my expectations for the children. Once the children…

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