Competency Statement IV: Family Analysis

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Competency Statement IV
To establish positive and productive relationship with families.

It is important for me to have a positive and productive relationship with families at the facility because the families want the best for their child to have a bright future. At this facility we know that the parents want their child to learn the best way and a fun way. That is why I want the parent to know we like to know their concerns about how their child is learning. Establishing a positive relationship with families I serve in the child care facility is important because I want the parents to feel that this facility is the right place to bring the child. I would build a positive relationship with the families by having parent teacher conferences to let the parent know what their child is learning and what their child is have problem. Another way to have a positive connection with the parent would be having a family night to have fun night with the parent so they can understand how the facility helps the children learn what they know now and to let them know we care about each child in the facility. To encourage families to become more involved in our facility would be to have fun activities like play day, birthday parties, or
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Activities like these help a child have fun with their parent and the parents can also have fun. To help the parent and the child have a good relationship is that we can send out books with the child so that the parent can read to them and help out their child read, while they read they can also teach their child. Another way to help the parent and children to have a good relationship is that we have a family that the child family can come to the facility to have nice day with families and share about what they like about their family and share their great memory about their

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