Rapport And Professional Relationships With Adults

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a. Demonstrate how to establish rapport and professional relationships with adults.
It is important to be able to work in an environment of mutual support and openness. Working in a school setting makes it impossible to work independently. So, building rapport and a professional relationship with other adults is a must if you aim to work effectively. You will be required to offer your support practically. Working with others who are unfamiliar with the surrounding may need help or advice with where to find things or how to use equipment and resources. When I first began volunteering, I remember asking staff to show me how to use the photocopier which they were all too happy to help me with. I have also had to help new staff members with using
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It is the adults ' job to help them with this. Ways in which this can be encouraged is by pupils working in pairs, groups and as a class to listen to one another 's ideas. They will learn to be considerate to others and have respect for others ' feelings. They will also find out how positive relationships will enhance what they do. The way in which adults interact with others should model what we expect from them. Providing a good role model for developing positive relationships should also show children the positive effects of …show more content…
We should show them that we value and respect others and how to get along with one another. Our behaviour should be exemplary if we expect them to behave the same. We should be polite, patient, consistent, considerate, trustworthy, fair, etc. Having positive relationships with others will also benefit how we communicate with one another. If communication is strong then parents and other professionals will be more likely to offer their support. In the end, this all benefits the child- the child will learn how to have positive relationships, a great tool for life, and parents and the school will be able to work effectively together to do what is best for the

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