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  • Is Money Worth The Love Of Money?

    This book was truly a fascinating read. It gave me some perspectives that I have never really thought about before. I believe the author is trying to tell us in the writing, that it is okay to do business and to strive to achieve in life. It is not a sin to better yourself or to hope that one day your children will be better off than you yourself. The message that I receive load and clear was that if what we do comes from a good heart and the desire to Glorify God then are actions are good. Repeatedly the author mentions that the act is not evil but what we do with that action. For example, it is okay to make a profit but the method at which we make that profit or the people we do business with determines if our actions are good or bad. I…

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  • Taylor Swift You Belong With Me Analysis

    This essay will analyze the music video You Belong With Me by artist Taylor Swift. Focused on examining the stereotype of women competing with one another for the male attention and romance. Expanding on cultivation theory defined by Gerber and Gross (1976), I will argue the video displays a fictional reality which can shape misconceptions of social reality. It will also elaborate on the stereotypical “good/ bad” girl image which is used by the media to influence women. Young adolescents for the…

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  • Why Do You Think You Belong To A Spoiled Generation

    To what extent do you think you belong to a spoiled generation? Not everyone is spoiled, most people are spoiled to the point where they want more than what they have, and others don’t want much but are just given items. Some kids are spoiled by choice or others make them spoiled, by devices or friends. When a spoiled kid doesn’t get what they want, but usually do in the end, with arguing that what they want is something they need. To others, they never ask or there being given things they don’t…

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  • Analysis Of Taylor Swift's Song 'You Belong With Me'

    Evaluation Essay On April 18th, 2008, Taylor Swift released her third single of her album Fearless, “You Belong with Me”. Swift merges pop, country, and 90’s rock which can be seen from the variety of instruments throughout her song. The steady beat consists of banjos, fiddles, guitars, pianos, electric guitars and more. Swift also depicts herself as a hopeless romantic and searching for the love and appreciation from her next-door neighbor, whom she has a crush on. All throughout the song,…

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  • My Mentor Research Paper

    rather i’m doing something right, or doing something wrong. Your mentor should be someone you can count on, or someone who has helped you a lot throughout your life. Someone who is positive, and someone who is helpful. You should be able to work with and accept the advice your mentor give you. I’ve learned throughout the years so many things from the advice of Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Williams taught me how to better myself and step up and be a bigger person. She also taught me how to make my own…

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  • Case Study: The Secret Room

    “Morning, Mike,” the chief said. “I want to remind you that discretion is essential under the circumstances. Otherwise, this ghost thing could turn into a real media freak show.” “You got it, Chief,” Dad agreed. “Our conversation is strictly off the record.” He was a reporter for the Covert Times and a wannabe TV sports anchor with a stack of applications to prove it. “Thanks.” Chizelmen’s SUV squealed around a corner. “Were you at Willaston last night, Madison?” “Yes,” I said.…

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  • Expect To Be Called A Stand Patter Essay

    words they said to me. "Temmy, you are no good." "You will just humiliate yourself in front of the judges." You are not pretty and there are lots of people that are prettier than you who are also auditioning." All these words start pouring through my brain and made me freeze onstage. Looking back now I realize how foolish I was to let those people get to me. I gave them the power to ruin what could have been a fascinating period of my adolescent life. My mum tells me these all the time: "those…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Daughter

    The teacher was a Hispanic woman named Becky. She became very enthralled with her students and pushed us to pursue our dreams. She even gave me a book for my birthday called How the Body Works, in which she wrote, “The more we learn about our bodies the more we learn about ourselves. God bless you.” Till this day I still have that book to remind me why I wanted to be a doctor. She also put me in charge of caring for the flowers that we had outside of the classroom. She taught me valuable lessons…

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  • The Righteous Sufferer In The Hebrew Bible: The Book Of Job

    These instances of imagery help to draw the reader in and give them a better idea of what is going on. One such image found early on in the book of Job is when Satan or the Adversary says to the LORD " Have you not hedged him about and his household and all that he has all around. The words hedged him about is another way of saying a common term such as fenced in, guarded or protected. That sentence used by Satan gives us the image of a hedge around Job and all that is his. This shows us that…

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  • Jamereo: A Short Story

    She doesn’t seem all that bad. She was actually very respectful to me. Is that part of her personality or do you tell all your girlfriends about me? ” Annabelle asks curiously. “Yeah, I do.” Jamereo says calmly with swag, “They know not to fuck with you or talk shit about you. I put them in check. I put you over them, always. They gotta respect you at all times, no joke. I can call any one of them right now with you on the phone and they won’t say a thing. That’s how much control I have over…

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