The Importance Of My Relationship With God

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Life can change drastically in a single moment, one that is most often outside of our control; we can however, control our response. In May of 2016, my husband of nearly eight years chose to walk out on me; with a comment of “I’m done, I can’t do this anymore,” he walked out our door and with that my life will never be the same. I cannot control my husband’s choices or actions nor do I really want to, instead I have my own choices to make and those I can control. I have spent the past several months growing closer in my relationship with God, asking him to use me and seeking his will for my life. He has been so faithful and gracious to me through this time and has given me the determination and drive to not waste my life just because my circumstances …show more content…
I don’t remember ever not believing in God or knowing that he is there for me, but as I have lived my life I would slowly let my relationship with him grow distant. I am thankful that he has always called me back to him, I’m positive he does this every day but I don’t always listen. This situation could have crushed my faith, instead God has used it to restore my faith and my relationship with him, and not only to restore but to rebuild it better than it was before. God has shown me that he is enough for me, it doesn’t matter what circumstances I face.
Shortly before my husband left I listened to a sermon that talked about God using us wherever we are at. My prayer for months has been “God, I am hurting, tired and worn, but I am here and I know you are faithful; use me where I am that you may be glorified though this trial.” God is faithful, he has used me in ways that I never could have imagined before and in situations and relationships that I would not have been a part of without my current circumstances. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer locally, to share my faith and my hope
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I have both received and given support, encouragement and prayer in ways that I never experienced to this extent before. God is using me right where I am, within and because of my circumstances; I pray this is a lesson I will not forget.
I am doing my best to seek God’s will for my life, I don’t have a complete picture of that yet and I am not sure I ever will because then I would not need to trust him. I do believe that he has called me to pursue my Psychology degree though I am not sure to what end. I have considered the possibility that this is purely for my own need to grow, learn and be challenged, for a possible career change, to serve within my church or to serve another non-profit organization.I don’t know God’s plan but I will keep seeking him and in time I believe he will make things clear to me.I feel focused, driven and motivated to seek and follow God’s will for my life wherever it may lead. I know I will still fail and falter in life, but God has proven over and over that he is there for me and I know that if I choose him, put him first and seek his will that I will be more than

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