My Church Research Paper

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have attended church. My family has always gone, even before my sister and I were born. They would take us every week and raised us as Godly girls.
Growing up in church had its ups and downs, but for me there were many more ups and positive aspects of church in my life.
Some of my first memories in church are the Sunday school classes. I always loved going to Sunday school class because we would play a game related to our lesson and have so much fun. After our game we would sit down and listen to our Sunday school teacher teach the lesson.
After lesson we had snack time and we would eat snack while we waited for our parents to come get us. It was always a blast. Wednesday night church was a lot like Sunday
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Every week was the same, go to church Sunday morning and Sunday night and go on
Wednesdays. But one Sunday was different than the others. I felt something missing inside me and I knew right away that I needed to get saved and to do so I needed to ask God for forgiveness and ask Him to come into my heart. I knew who God was and had strong faith and belief in Him. However, I thought when you made your decision to get saved you had to go up to the front of the church during the invitation at the end of service. When I realized I wanted to get saved it was after the service when almost everyone was gone. That 's when I got upset because I wanted to get saved right away. So I went to my mom and told her about it. She said she was proud of me for making this decision at six years old and that the invitation was not the only way to get saved. We went to get my pastor and I told him how I felt. He told me that all I needed to do to get saved was ask Jesus for forgiveness and ask him into my heart and as long as I meant it with all my heart, that was all that mattered. So I did. We sat on one of the back rows in my church, I repeated the prayer after my pastor and I asked Jesus into my heart. I can honestly
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After I told all of my friends, I went up to Mrs. Lord and told her. She was also a
Christian and when I told her she was extremely proud of me. I asked as nice as I possibly knew how if we could have show and tell just so I could tell the rest of the class. She said we couldn 't due to the lesson plan. We would not have had time that day, but we would try to have one soon.
I was slightly upset that we couldn 't have it that day, but I was so excited about what happened the day before that not having show and tell didn 't bother me too bad after that.
About two weeks later, I got baptized. This is known as the second step in obedience to
God. Baptism is a way to make your profession of faith public to your church family. Going to
Countryside Baptist Church my whole life I knew a vast majority of the church congregation, not to mention all my family that we had invited to come watch. After my baptism, I had many people come up to me and tell me how extremely proud they were of me and how this is such a big step in my life. I was so happy and having all those people around me to support and care for me made it so much

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